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Rapidly Build Your Modern Enterprise Business

From integrated and responsive ecommerce websites, to order fulfilment, field services management and AI. SOLID delivers the seamless, data-driven experiences your customers demand.

Accelerated Launch

Get your project off the ground quickly with in-depth strategy workshops and our pre-built SOLID Enterprise framework.

Expert Engineering

Benefit from a dedicated engineering team with deep industry experience, focused on delivering measurable results.

Proven Reliability

Scale from a single Virtual Machine to a complete Cloud Solution with 99.9% platform uptime. Trusted by industry leaders.

Investing in Tomorrow

Our continuous investment in cutting-edge R&D ensures future-proofed solutions with the best technology to service your customers for years to come.

MWEB Launches LTE-Advanced on SOLID in Just 10 Days

End-to-End Enterprise-Grade Solutions

End-to-End Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty with enterprise-wide collaboration.

It’s all powered by a unified data platform. This means that everyone in your organisation – Sales, Operations, Finance, Customer Service – has real-time access to the same accurate customer information. This enables seamless handoffs across departments, empowers informed decision-making, and creates a personalised, consistent experience for your customers throughout their journey.

Trusted by leading enterprises to service over 1 million customers every day

Deliver Services The Way Your Customers Expect

Customers expect your services to be delivered the same way as ordering food or buying a new pair of shoes online. They want to click a button and have the service delivered instantly – whether it’s fibre internet, home security, or a home solar power solution.

SOLID is a customisable, end-to-end platform, designed specifically to:

Make it easy

Simplify the buying process for effortless customer purchases.


Handle growing demand and deliver a consistently excellent experience.

Enable great support

Empower your team to provide swift, informed customer support with accurate information.

Increase revenue

Streamline invoicing and payment collection for maximised revenue.

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