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Deliver Internet The Way Your Customers Expect

Customers expect their Internet to be delivered the same way as their other online products. They want to sit on the couch, click a button and then receive the service immediately.

SOLID is a single, end-to-end platform, designed specifically to:

Make it easy

Make it easy for customers to understand and buy Internet services online.


Deliver your orders with a great customer experience AT SCALE.

Enable great support

Provide great customer support with accurate information.

Increase revenue

Raise invoices correctly and collect the money.

SOLID connects your team to a single database – making sure they have the information and tools they need.


SOLID provides modern automation and online tools that make it possible to deliver great customer experiences.

How SOLID Works

It Takes a Team to Deliver Great Service

SOLID gives your team the best of both worlds: A single customer view and role-specific tools for each department to perform at their peak. All in one, single, integrated platform.


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If you think that great service is the sole responsibility of the Customer Services Team – then think again. It takes an entire, connected team to deliver great service. Let me explain with an example…

It Takes A Connected Team To Deliver Great Service

The best ISPs in South Africa use SOLID

Our customers’ success is our success. Click through to see what they say.

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