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Team Building Quiz

74 International Staff – 1 Online Teambuilding Event

COVID-19 has brought about an absolute plethora of challenges for business. Besides coming up with creative and innovative ways to serve and support our customers, we’ve also had to re-think how we support our newly home-bound teams. Our most recent teambuilding event – a global online quiz is testament to those efforts.

Remote working is not new to us, we have a number of permanently remote staff in places like Serbia, Australia and Kenya. What is new to us however, is doing it at scale whilst trying to maintain our teams’ spirits.

For a team that enjoys morning coffees and a certain level of office banter, staying connected is something we’re obsessed with (beyond virtual standup meetings and 1-2-1’s).

To help, we’ve done things like:

  • Keeping the team informed through our regular COVID-19 newsletters
  • A daily Skype-based poll with questions ranging from serious to downright outrageous 😉
  • A lockdown photo competition
  • Our #ShowUsYourDesk campaign (with some hilarious results)
  • and most recently, the SOLID Online Quiz

Our SOLID Online quiz was a huge success. 74 globally positioned staff, 15 teams and 1 zoom call – all with 1 goal: Beat the competition 😉

Some highlights from the event:

All in all, it was a great afternoon and we all enjoyed an opportunity for the whole company to interact ‘face-to-face’. It was great connecting with everyone and this event along with our other internal initiatives, encouraged a sense of positivity and community during the COVID-19 crisis.

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