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SOLID's Innovative Cloud Antivirus scans and protects you from malicious end-point file uploads

How SOLID Cloud Antivirus protects you

Like your house, the most common entry points for Business Support System (BSS) security breaches are via the entrance.

For you, these entrances are your public facing BSS customer portals, sign-up processes, login screens and the associated file uploads on these.

Introducing SOLID Cloud Antivirus Scanner.

Safeguard your SOLID Business System to Improve Availability, Security and Compliance

Within SOLID

Configuration and Management module within your SOLID instance.

AI Assisted

Malware detection using redundant engines and AI assisted detection.

Dual Engine Scanner

Files are scanned twice, ensuring that malicious content is caught.

Malware, phishing & unsafe links

You are protected.

How SOLID Cloud Antivirus works

Your SOLID administrators, contracts, customers and website leads are continuously uploading files into your SOLID system as part of their various job functions.

These files are required to capture business workflow documents e.g. Proof of Address Documents, Bank Statements, Installation photos etc. However, these file capture entry points could potentially be abused by a hacker to upload malicious data like ransomware or trojans than can then compromise your BSS.

When you activate the SOLID Cloud antivirus scanner however, any file that is introduced to SOLID will be scanned first before it gets imported. If the file is clean, it’s accepted and saved to the BSS system. If it’s malicious, it’s rejected and deleted before it reaches your BSS database.

Why Invest in a BSS Antivirus Scanner?

Operational Continuity

Protection of critical business systems that support billing, CRM, provisioning, customer service and financial management.

Data Security

Integrity and confidentiality of your customers’ data.

Regulatory Compliance

Remain compliant and avoid potential legal repercussions or fines. POPI places legal responsibility on business owners to put in place security measures such as antivirus software to protect them and their customers.

Enhanced Network Security

Securing your servers means you’re securing the heart of your network infrastructure.

Trust and Reputation

Proof that you are committed to safeguarding your operations and customers’ data.

Frequently asked questions

File sizes of up to 200MB are supported by default

We never keep or use your files. Your files are only in our servers for the amount of time it takes to analyse them (usually milliseconds) and then destroyed – they are never used for any other purpose.

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