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Bring meaning to your business metrics

SOLID Dashboards give a real-time, global view of your business metrics

SOLID dashboards collect all of your key business metrics and displays them in real-time interactive graphs. Drill down into each metric to gain a better understanding of your business’s performance, identifying which processes and departments are successful and which are bottlenecks.

Make real use of the right information.


Choose what information is displayed and how it’s displayed. It’s your information after all. Select your graph types, zoom levels and projections. Then, alter the layout to suit your preferences.


Each graph is a visualisation of the real-time data behind it. Expand a graph and click on a data point to drill down into the detail behind the numbers. Easily identify trends and track performance.


Information from every area of your business is available, giving you a truly global view. Track sales performance, contracts, churn and support tickets from a single view.

Track sales by sales agents

Track sales performance

Track revenue and the effects of marketing promotions, and also identify trends by reviewing current and historical sales performance.

Sales Performance Analytics

  • Sales by Promo Code: Track and review the sales of specific product bundles and items related to marketing campaigns
  • Sales by Agent: Review your sales teams performance agent-by-agent. Track successes and use the information to plan service and support resourcing
  • My Contract Sales: Track and compare your own sales over time

6 Reasons why a Great Dashboard is Essential to your Business

Often, businesses spend significant time and expense manually collating and analysing these metrics. But, by the time you’ve connected all the spreadsheets, the information you’re trying to understand has become old. Making it useless in helping you to proactively keep ahead of your competition.

6 Reasons why a Great Dashboard is Essential to your Business

Monitor contracts & churn

Know who your customers are and understand how they are behaving with key information around account status, number of contracts and churn.

Contract and Churn Analytics:

  • Customer Account Churn: Review churn data customer-by-customer
  • Customer Account Status: Understand the makeup of your customer database.
  • Total Active Contracts: See how many active contracts are associated with your customer base.
  • Contract Churn: Quickly review your churn on a contract level.
Dashboards | Monitor contracts and churn
Dashboards | Tracking ticket movement

Track open tickets

Ensure consistently high levels of customer service by being fully aware of how many support tickets are open, what they are for and what their resolution times are. Use the information to aid in resource allocation or customer product or service information campaigns.

Ticket Tracking Analytics

  • Ticket Movement: Identify how long it takes to resolve open cases and compare the number of tickets logged to the number closed
  • Open Tickets by Ticket Centre: Track the movement of support tickets through departments to highlight bottleneck areas and aid in resource planning
  • Ticket Age: See how many tickets have been open for an allocated time bracket e.g. for more than 10 days
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