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Billing & Process Management

SOLID eliminates manual bottlenecks and errors, fast-tracking the sales-to-collections cycle. Capture the order once and the integrated SOLID workflow engine ensures successful order fulfilment, service provisioning, invoicing and collection.

This is connected billing.

Billing ticket inbox

Automated Billing and Invoicing

Invoices are based on your chosen branded template and created in html and PDF formats.

Recurring, Usage and Ad Hoc billing

Choose from a range of billing periods and charge for overages or ad hoc amounts.

Automated Revenue Recognition

Consistency in accounting. Accurate analytics. Enhanced forecasting. Manageable fair value determination.

Supports Multiple Payment Channels

Payment options available include Debit Order, Credit Card & other payment gateways such as SnapScan and Zapper.

Split Invoice Groups

Easily manage split invoices.

Wholesale Billing

Easily invoice 10,000 lines using a 1-page invoice and automatically attached Excel detailed breakdown.

Invoice in Multiple Currencies

While SOLID works on a base currency of your choice you are able to invoice and receipt in multiple currencies to match your multi-geographic market.

Automated Revenue Deferral

Bill for any desired period and SOLID will split the revenue across periods automatically.

Automated Bank Reconciliations

All bank statement items will be automatically matched to your ledger account transactions, reducing the number of manual processes.

Branded & Encrypted PDF Invoices

All invoices are generated using branded templates and are 128bit encrypted to prevent tampering.

Email Invoice Delivery

Send invoices and payment reminders via email or through traditional mailings. This is configured on a per customer basis.

Email Tracking via Everlytic plugin

Track invoice deliveries and opens – ensure invoices are correctly sent and received.

Each ticket contains everything you need to make an approval decision

Give your Finance Team all the information they need to make correct and informed decisions regarding credit, contract and RICA approvals.

Billing Ticket

Discounting structures

Give your sales team the flexibility to sell at non-standard pricing while being supported by approvals and controls.

Flexible pricing on a per-quote or per-contract basis lets sales teams increase or decrease pricing accordingly.

Raise interest charges on overdue accounts

Monitor which accounts are overdue and attach interest charges to those accounts.

Payments are allocated to the oldest open invoice in a debtor’s account and compound interest methodologies are applied.

Interest Charges
Receipts and Refunds

Receipts & refunds

Receipts are created either via bank imports, debit order runs, cash till or directly. All receipting and transactions raised against the bank account are reconciled. Receipts can be viewed and emailed along with statements.

Direct receipts can be generated at any time via the Financial Receipts module.

Completeness of Billing reports are included as standard

SOLID billing software comes standard with a full set of reports to ensure that you have all the information you need to understand your business.

Billing Output Reports
Check whether your bill run conforms to expectations, or if it needs to be rolled back to make changes before re-running.

Invoice Detail Report
Collate information per selectable filter such as business division, invoice status, date or period.

Revenue Assurance Reports
Accurately capture revenue for all services rendered.

Custom Exports
Extract real-time data on any aspect of the system using our built-in query tool.

Billing Output Report

Full real-time financial and statement reporting

SOLID’s financial modules allow for the generation of real-time provisional and historic financial statements. Set up and manage your ledger accounts. The system automatically dispatches invoices and statements.


Detailed Revenue Reports

Make better commercial decisions by knowing how much revenue you’re generating on a product-by-product basis.

VAT Reporting Compliance

Ensure you remain VAT compliant by using SOLID’s Input, Output and Zero-rated VAT reporting tools.

Real-Time & Historic Reporting

Generate real-time financial reports and statements to get an accurate understanding of what is happening within your business.

100% Auditable

Every change to the system and customer database is recorded to give you a fully auditable history.

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