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A single customer view - All the info you need in 1 single location

CRM Customer View

Always know who your customers are with all the information you need, in one place. SOLID stores all customer and reseller information in one real-time and easy-to-navigate view.

Always know who your customers are.

Manage Consumer & Business Customers

Manage both consumers and business customers on the same system. Each contact type contains data fields relevant to an individual or business.

Streamline your Sales Process

Automatically assign Account Managers, Sales Managers and Collection Agents all at the customer levels.

Service Level Billing History

Enable your Customer Support Team by giving them the information they need at their fingertips.

Integrated Hardware Information

All hardware information is stored within the customer record.

Always know who your customers are

No need to switch between the Finance, Billing or Support views of your customers to find the information you’re looking for. SOLID stores all customer and reseller information in one real-time and easy-to-navigate view.

SOLID Customer Account
All the information

All the right information at your fingertips

All a customer’s information is contained within a single account view.

  • Contact details: Personal details, contact type and level, authentication profile and document delivery preferences
  • Marketing: Communication preferences and profile data for marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Multiple Addresses: Secondary address information for customers with multiple offices or delivery locations
  • Partners: Relationships set up with other customers on the system such as resellers or wholesalers
  • Debtors Account: Financial transactions and related documents, arrears profiles and payment methods and plans
  • Service Accounts: Product, service and rate details represented by contracts purchased by the customer
  • Communication history: Supporting outgoing emails, faxes and SMS messages you will always know what was said to a customer and when

Improve customer service

  • Smart view: When you open a customer’s account, all items in progress or areas with recent activity are highlighted – making it even easier to see what changes have most recently occurred.
  • Automatically link business and individual contacts to give you the context you need
  • Reduce query call times and increase agent productivity by being ‘in the know’ while on a call with all a customer’s information in a single view
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