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Improve collections and reduce bad debt with Debtor Management

Automated collections effectively manage your businesses cash flow with accurate and real-time debtor management information. 

Don’t leave your finances vulnerable.

Automated Collection Cycles

Your customers can be linked to either an automated or manual dunning cycle – allowing you to service both low margin consumers and high value enterprise customers.

Automated Invoice Reminder Process

Make sure your customers know exactly what they owe you and when the payment is due. SOLID allows you to automate the payment process using email communications and SMS reminders.

Real-Time Reporting & Statistics

Report accurately on your receivables performance to ensure your goals are being achieved.

Overdue customers Debtor Management

Automated Debt Collection, Suspensions and Reconnections

Manage and streamline your collections process with automated payment reminders and country specific collection features. Your entire debt collection process is driven by automated collection cycles, arrears notifications, auto-suspensions and internal blacklisting.

We understand that ensuring a higher collection rate depends on not letting your debt ‘go bad’ in the first place.


Combat collection delays with Everlytic invoice email tracking

  • Quickly and easily track which invoice emails have been Delivered, Opened, Clicked and Bounced, and at what time
  • Support your Invoicing and Collections Teams and combat those “But I didn’t receive that email” excuses with proof of delivery
  • Get a customer-by-customer view within SOLID and report on the delivery status for individual emails
  • Delivery information is available as soon as you’ve hit ‘send’
Everlytic Email invoice tracking

Accept payments from

Snapscan payments accepted
Zapper payments accepted
Visa Mastercard
debit order and all major banking apps
instant eft
cash payments
Age Analysis

Performance monitoring & reporting

View accurate real-time statistics of collector activities.
SOLID has a long list of available reports including:

  • Invoicing and receipting
  • Reminder communication history
  • Late payments
  • Current and historic age analysis

Debtor & Creditor age analysis

Determine the financial health of your customers, and therefore your business with Age Analysis reports. These reports can be run in real-time to reflect the most current information. Age analysis is useful when determining if the market is slowing down or if your business is taking greater credit risk in the sales process.

Make prudent decisions about whether or not to keep doing business with customers that are chronically late payers.

Age Analysis

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Receipts & Refunds

Receipts are created either via bank imports, debit order runs, cash till or directly. All receipting and transactions raised against the bank account are reconciled. Receipts can be viewed and emailed along with statements. Direct receipts can be generated at any time via the Financial Receipts module.

Receipts and Refunds
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