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24/7 Online Customer Self-Service

Provide customers and resellers with a highly personalised, interactive online service 24 hours a day. They will be able to get answers to their questions, review their account details and complete transactions. SOLID’s responsive design means your portals can be accessed from any device, an essential feature in today’s marketplace.

Boost customer satisfaction and long term retention.

Customer Portals provide 24 hour online customer service

Empower your Customers

Let customers view and change account information, contact details and company communication settings.

Full Access to Financial Documents

Customers can view and download financial documents such as statements, invoices and credit memos; freeing up your accounts team from high volume requests.

Automated Upsell & Cross-sell

Let customers upgrade and add extra services to their accounts on-demand. Automated workflows mean services are automatically activated.

Direct Communication

Post information online to communicate directly with your customers or resellers.

Billing Notifications

Automate reminders for account arrears, password policies and new services.

Branded For You

Portal features and functionality are specified by you and branded to your requirements.

Service customers and resellers

Create separate portals for customers and resellers, providing information, features and functionality relevant to each group’s requirements.

The benefits of a customer portal

Deliver great customer service from anywhere, any time and on any device

SOLID’s responsive design means your customer and reseller portals are available through any internet enabled device.

Enable Self Service

Enabling self-service reduces the number of unnecessary support tickets raised, freeing up your support team to focus on more pressing issues

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers are very happy when they don’t have to wait to speak to a customer advisor to solve simple problems or ask simple questions.

One Time Pin Login

Make it easier for your customers to login with OTP (One Time Pin), instead of a username and password

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