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Screenshot of the SOLID Mobile App

Mobilise your technicians

The SOLID Contractor App lets you manage and dispatch on-site customer installations & Support Technicians, track hardware and more.

What your Engineers need to know, when they need to know it.

Real-time field service job tracking

Field agent management

Integrated product and service catalogue data

Automated workflow management

Automated service provisioning

Real-time service lifecycle management

Automated queuing and retries

Pre-integrated services: Sandvine, Procera, Fibre

The SOLID Contractor App is fully integrated with the SOLID Business Automation Platform, ensuring end-to-end process automation.

The SOLID Contractor App contains everything you need to effectively manage your on-site staff/contractors from a central location.

Your on-site staff enjoy the convenience of our easy-to-use app, administration staff are able to view reports, keep track of engineer locations and hardware.

Contractor App

One App, many solutions

From Technician to Stock Management and everything in between.

Technician Management
Stock Management

Technician Management

Enjoy a powerful, easy-to-use interface for scheduling, reminders, customer communication, GPS and photo uploads.

Stock Management

Track, Transfer and Manage Stock with ease. Less paperwork, Quicker Turnaround and
Fewer Mistakes.

Control who has access

App Access is Controlled Centrally

Who has access to the SOLID Contractor App is controlled centrally via the SOLID Business Automation Platform.

This ensures that only contracted or employed engineers have access to job and customer information.

Easily create teams of engineers, and assign specific capabilities to those engineers.

Instantly Generate Job Reports

No paperwork for engineers to complete: This means there are no delays in reporting and fewer mistakes are made.

Job photographs and the customer’s signature are automatically attached to the job report, along with all the job and hardware details.

Completed jobs are automatically invoiced.

Job Card

Attach Photos to Jobs

  • Easily add site and hardware photos to job as proof of work completed/installed
  • Photos are automatically uploaded to server and attached to job
  • Photos are included in automated job report
  • Capture photos from all devices
  • Once the job has started, technicians can work offline (basements etc)

App Available as a Free Download

The SOLID Contractor is available on Google Play and the Huawei App Store.

Download the SOLID Contractor App.

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