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FNO's - Streamline Your Operations and Accelerate Growth

Fibre Network Operators face unique challenges: rapid scaling, complex service provisioning, and fierce competition.

SOLIDitech offers a robust, end-to-end platform designed to optimise FNO operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximise revenue. From subscriber acquisition to network monitoring and billing, our solutions address your specific pain points, empowering you to grow and thrive.

Fibre Network Operator SOLID

Online Sales Platform that's Easy-to-Understand and Navigate

Fibre Network Operator with SOLIDitech

Empower customers with a user-friendly online platform to explore and sign up for your fibre internet services anytime, anywhere.

  • Intuitive Online Storefront: Showcase your fibre internet packages with clear pricing, speeds, and data allowances. Allow customers to easily select the plan that best suits their needs
  • Simplified Sign-Up Process: Guide customers through a streamlined sign-up process, including address verification, service availability checks, and e-signature for contracts
  • Automated Order Management: Track orders in real-time, automate service provisioning, and manage installations efficiently to get customers connected quickly
  • Self-Service Portal: Provide customers with a personalised online space to manage their accounts, view billing information, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and upgrade their services as needed
Frogfoot featured customer FNO

Scaling Fibre Delivery without Sacrificing Service: Frogfoot's Success Story

Frogfoot, a trailblazing South African FNO, partnered with SOLIDitech to revolutionise their fibre network operations.

Leveraging SOLIDitech’s robust automation platform, Frogfoot streamlined workflows, accelerated customer onboarding, and scaled their network to serve thousands of customers with exceptional efficiency and service quality. Frogfoot gained the agility and control needed to meet the demands of a rapidly growing market, proving that innovation and automation are key to success in the fibre industry.

Sales: Track, Manage, and Optimise

Track, manage, and optimise your sales funnel from lead generation to contract signing, gaining valuable insights to drive subscriber growth and revenue.

  • Visualise Your Sales Funnel: Identify bottlenecks, forecast revenue, and improve performance
  • Create Tailored Proposals: Showcase your services with personalised proposals highlighting speed, data, and cost savings
  • Simplify the Sales Process: Guide customers seamlessly through online or in-person sign-ups
  • Meet Customers Everywhere: Support online, direct sales, and partner channels
  • Analyse and Optimise: Uncover trends and customer preferences to refine your marketing and sales strategies
Direct Sales Pipeline Management

Installation Teams: Optimise, Schedule, Track & Communicate

Field Services

Empower your field teams with the tools to deliver seamless fiber installations and maintenance.

  • Efficient Scheduling: Optimise routes and dispatch the right technician at the right time
  • Mobile App: Equip technicians with essential information on their mobile devices
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor job progress, keep customers updated, and identify bottlenecks
  • Asset Management: Track your fibre equipment and maintenance records
  • Seamless Communication: Streamline communication between technicians, dispatchers, and customers

Proven Solutions for Fibre Network Success

Billing & Invoicing: Simple and Streamlined

  • Automated Invoicing: Generate accurate invoices effortlessly, tailored for fibre internet services and usage-based billing
  • Flexible Billing Rules: Customise billing cycles, pricing models, and promotions to match your business strategy
  • Proactive Debtor Management: Stay on top of payments, send automated reminders, and maintain a healthy cash flow
  • Financial Clarity: Get real-time insights into your revenue, expenses, and profitability for informed decision-making
  • Secure Transactions: Protect your business with secure payment processing
Automated Billing

Automated Collections: Optimise Cash Flow and Reduce Debt

Automate payment reminders, streamline collection workflows, and gain real-time insights into your receivables to reduce outstanding balances and improve cash flow.

  • Automated Reminders: Reduce late payments with timely, automated reminders and notifications.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Offer convenient payment methods to encourage on-time payments.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Monitor outstanding balances and track payment history for informed decision-making.
  • Compliance and Auditability: Ensure adherence to tax regulations and maintain a transparent audit trail of financial transactions.
Automated Collections

Customer-Centric Support: Wholistic and Efficient

Deliver exceptional support experiences and keep your subscribers connected with efficient issue resolution and proactive communication.

  • Streamlined Ticketing and Case Management: Centralise customer inquiries, track resolutions, and prioritise urgent issues to minimise downtime and frustration.
  • Automated Workflows: Automate ticket routing, notifications, and escalations for faster response times and consistent service levels.
  • Self-Service Portal and Knowledge Base: Empower subscribers to troubleshoot common issues, access account information, and find answers to frequently asked questions online, 24/7.
  • Performance Analytics: Monitor key support metrics, identify trends, and measure customer satisfaction to continuously improve your support operations.
ISP Support

360° Customer Management


Always know who your customers are with all the information you need, in one place. SOLID stores all customer and reseller information in one real-time and easy-to-navigate view.

  • Unified Subscriber Profiles: Access all subscriber information in one place, including contact details, service plans, usage data, billing history, support tickets, and communication logs.
  • Personalised Support and Sales: Equip your team with comprehensive subscriber insights to provide personalised recommendations, resolve issues efficiently, and proactively address potential problems.
  • Subscriber Lifecycle Management: Track subscriber interactions throughout their journey, from initial sign-up to long-term usage, to identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and churn reduction.
  • Compliance and Data Protection: Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and data protection standards by maintaining accurate records of subscriber interactions and consent preferences.
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