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Grow your Career at SOLID

Help us To Revolutionise Business Automation Software


Working at SOLID is a work-directly-with-the-customer-on-something-that’s-never-been-done-before type job.


It is important to us that we help you to grow as a working professional and Software Engineer – to be the best that you can be.


We believe in and strive to find fun and inventive ways of getting everyone together to chat, mingle and relax.

We Love Our People

Our team is made up of some pretty great people.

We’re Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Project Managers, Marketing specialists, Office Administrators and more.

We are Nando’s lovers, sports fans, anime geeks, book lovers, musicians, artists, parents, chefs, bakers and Netflix surfers.

We’re from all over the place, believe all sorts of things and all enjoy working together.

Current Vacancies

Junior Support Engineer

Junior Support Engineer

As a Junior Support Engineer you'll be diagnosing, troubleshooting and supporting our customers like a boss.
SOLID Dev Challenge

The SOLID Java Dev Challenge

Think you've got what it takes but not sure if you're ready to apply for a job yet? Take our Java Dev Challenge to see if you're ready to go

Junior Quality Assurance Analyst

If you can perform comprehensive software and user interface testing on our software (and be awesome at the same time), we’re looking for you!
Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer

Design and develop high-quality Java applications using cutting edge technologies for Object Relational Mapping, Caching and Service-Oriented Architecture.

What our Staff *Really* Think

You’re thinking “That’s all really nice, but I wonder what it’s ACTUALLY like to work there”.

We know. Everyone asks. This is what our Team thinks:

Working at SOLID is great. The flexibility is paramount, and the people are frankly hilarious. Everyone genuinely gets on, it’s very relaxed and none of us are afraid of hard work. People do the job until it’s done – then it’s time to go a little nuts.

Annette Gardner

It’s great to work in a space in which the levels of competency and skill are clearly visible between the different developers, yet that separation is never felt because of how open/willing people are to help each other. Starting from ‘scratch’ has never looked so easy

Pierre Madziakapita

Working at SOLID is an awesome mix of solo programming, where you have space to apply your own creative twist to problem-solving, and collaborative programming where you get to combine your skill set with other ninjaneers to come up with the best possible solutions.

Merissa Joubert

The environment and people are awesome. Your brain definitely does not have time to rot, the work is challenging and very satisfying to get done. I love working at SOLID.

Marilize Laskey

Amazing. The company culture makes work enjoyable.

Laylaa Banderker

It’s great! Each person has the chance to really make a difference in the work SOLID does. SOLID encourages the best from its staff and provides ample opportunity for each staff member to learn and grow.

Kirstin Sprenger De Rover

Working at SOLID means that you have a real way to impact the business prosperity and lives of our customers. Working with people of all levels, from CEO’s to call centre agents, gives you unique experience of how businesses really tick. I can’t think of many other software companies which provide this kind of opportunity.

Oliver Gardner

It’s sometimes hard work, but always fun

It’s great! The staff are user-friendly and help where they can. When you first join they do their best to help you settle in. It’s a positive environment with happy people. The offices are colourful and dynamic with an open plan so you always feel apart of the family.

Lee Goldschmidt

SOLIDitech offers a diverse software experience with fresh problems to solve in a continuously evolving company.

Vincent Rae

Great working environment, challenging work, great staff, the company looks after its staff and cares about us as people, not just numbers.

Duncan Lubbe

SOLID is a great place to broaden your skill-set as you do so much more than just sitting behind your laptop writing lines of code. You have the chance to be involved with solution designs, requirement gathering and analysis with clients and just general elimination of the middleman between the client saying they want “XYZ” and you actually delivering “XYZ”.

Faraaz Sulaiman

Calling all Grads!

We are Graduate-friendly and actively recruit straight out of University.

Yes, for a real job.

Yes, we’ll actually pay you – and we don’t even need you to have “2 Years of Experience” ?

The SOLID Work Experience Program

We host the ‘SOLID Work Experience Program’ twice a year (during the Winter and Summer holidays).

This is a 4-6 week program where you’ll work alongside our teams, committing code, working with our customers and gaining that ever important ‘real world experience’.

Career Advice

Think you want to be a Software Engineer but looking for a little career advice? We’ve got you covered.

Looking for perks? We've got you covered.

Performance-based 13th cheque and bonus

Flexible (life-friendly) working hours

A surprise for your birthday

Pretty exciting office spaces

Company-financed learning

Lifecheq person finance planning and advice

Monthly team lunches

More coffee than you can shake a stick at

Doughnuts on Fridays

Wicked cool team building events

Branded clothing

Eligibility to join staff profit share scheme

Company car for client meetings

Got a Question?

How do I apply for a job with SOLIDitech?

Hit up our Current Vacancies page to see if anything there tickles your fancy. Click through to the job and click ‘Apply today’. We regularly add new roles so if there’s nothing that interests you right now, remember to keep coming back.

Do you offer Vac Work opportunities?

Yes we do! We host the ‘SOLID Work Experience Program’ twice a year (during the Winter and Summer holidays). This is a 4-6 week program where you’ll work alongside our teams, committing code, working with our customers and gaining that ever important ‘real world experience’. Get a foot in the working world and apply for our next program.

Do you guys offer Flexi-time or Work from Home?

A normal working day at SOLID is 8 hours of work, with a 1-hour lunch break (9 hours in total). Our start/finish times are flexible though to suit you, so the only requirement is that you’re in the office for core hours (9:30am till 3:30pm). Please note though that you are expected to be in the office for your daily standup meeting, regardless of what time that takes place.

Working from home is generally not a policy, but we understand that life happens and sometimes you just gotta be at home. This is perfectly fine with us.

What kind of Team Support is available?

We use a mixture of Project Management techniques in a blend that works really well for us. Each Team has a daily stand-up which is a 15-min catch up to discuss YTI’s (Yesterday, Today and Impediments). This is a perfect opportunity to raise any issues you’ve experienced or ask any questions. Outside of that though, your Team members and Team Lead are always available to help you – all you have to do is ask.

What does a typical day involve? (As a Software Engineer)

A typical day would include:

  • A daily stand-up meeting to discuss yesterday’s work, today’s plans and any impediments that have been experienced
  • Time to work on your particular project or support task(s)
  • You are certainly never left alone without support – we believe in code reviews, knowledge sharing, mentorships and good ‘ol fashioned hard work
  • Meeting with clients for report-back meetings, demo’s or sprint-planning
  • Meeting with your Team, Team Leads, Scrum Manager or Development Manager to discuss your projects, planned work or scoping

For more information about being a Software Engineer, check out the job description.

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