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The SOLID Work Experience Program

Apply what you Learn as the Foundation of your Career

Real World Experience

Work next to real Software Engineers, with real customers and commit real code.

Get a Foot in the Door

Use this experience to see what the career is all about and get a head start over everyone else.

CV Builder

Use the experience on your CV – it shows that you’re keen and able to apply yourself.

The SOLID Work Experience Program is designed to give students access to and experience within a real working environment.

While you’re with us, you’re one of us. Work side-by-side with our teams, attend meetings, eat doughnuts, meet customers,  and commit real code.

Our program runs twice a year, in the Winter and Summer holidays and each program last 4-6 weeks.

Work Experience Applications are Currently Closed

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What Past Interns Have Said About Their Experience

Working at SOLIDitech has allowed me to get a better understanding of software development and its real world dynamics outside of University. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SOLIDitech and the knowledge I gained from my team will definitely put me in a better position for future roles within the industry.

Nicholas Limbert

I was able to get an idea of what life as a Software Engineer is like and met many great people – my fellow interns and SOLIDitech employees.

Ethan Hartel WEP Quote

I had a great time working at SOLID. The team is quite friendly and the environment doesn’t feel corporate and restrictive. There was plenty of support when we couldn’t do something. The setup of the SOLID Platform is well defined and there are easy-to-understand patterns of how everything worked. This made it easy to get accustomed to the environment and enjoy our time there.

Minenhle Sithole WEP Quote

I never expected to learn so much so quickly while working at SOLIDitech. I have worked with a whole stack of cutting-edge technology (such as Docker and React) at SOLID and experienced what enterprise-level team development is like.

Daniel Servant - WEP Quote

If you are interested in Java and coding in the working world then you couldn’t hope for a better place to go and learn. SOLIDitech provides a relaxed, but hard working environment with tons of wonderful and helpful people to learn from. Even though I only had four weeks at SOLID I gained a lot of practical knowledge of programming and the working environment that I would not have gained otherwise.

The SOLID Work Experience Program gave me good insight into what it takes to become a Software Engineer, specifically leading a project. This experience has also helped me realise that I am on the right path and I do want to become a Software Engineer one day.

Matthew Almano - WEP Quote

It was an amazing experience. The people at SOLID are extremely friendly and very helpful. I enjoyed applying my theoretical knowledge to real-world tasks. Very structured and indeed rewarding.


The most valuable thing I gained from this experience was an appreciation of how agile processes aid in the development of a comprehensive software package such as SOLID. Other great experiences include a really flat management structure, relaxed and friendly work environment and the camaraderie in the team I worked within.

Mark Jones

Working at SOLID was a great experience for me. Despite having been here for four weeks I was able to gain more insight into how software is developed in the real world. The working environment here is perhaps the most friendly I have seen so far; great teamwork and the seniors were always ready to assist.

Petrus Kambala

Being part of the SOLID team has been a great experience. I managed to get my hands on some real-world projects that clients use on a daily basis. That, for me, was very satisfactory. Every member of the team was warm and friendly, through them I amassed a great deal of knowledge and insight.


I could not have chosen a better place for my internship. Incredibly helpful and useful team that assisted me to grow my knowledge.

Thomas Bing

Working at SOLID teaches you many lessons in a wide range of areas, but the most important lesson is learning how to problem-solve. If you are a student who is looking for a welcoming environment and to get a head start your career, I would recommend this program. I have enjoyed my time interning here and learnt so much that doesn’t get taught at University.

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