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Closing 2020 with Some Fun in the Sun

2020 has proved to be very challenging. But between the COVID-19 Pandemic and loadshedding our Teams have continued to provide excellent services to our customers. If anything, the pandemic has highlighted how important Internet access is – and our team have really stepped up to deliver.

Internet access is absolutely essential to our daily lives: Remote learning, remote working, video conferencing, remote medical appointments and of course, keeping in touch with our friends and family (family Zoom sessions anyone?). The SOLID platform was built to help Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide this high quality service to their customers in an efficient and scalable manner.

We’d like to thank our staff for going above and beyond during 2020 and making many personal and home life sacrifices, to deliver the services and support our customers rely on to run their ISPs. To thank our teams for all their hard work and dedication this year, we arranged a socially-distanced COVID responsible picnic for the Cape Town and Johannesburg teams respectively.

Our Cape Town team headed to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the 15th of December, while our Johannesburg team went to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens at the same time, on the same day. To ensure we kept everyone safe, we arranged individually packed picnic boxes for each team member to enjoy.

SOLID JHB Team Year End 2020
SOLID CPT Team Year End 2020

In addition to 2020 being a year full of changes, it also happened to be the year we turned 15. So, to celebrate, each team member received a commemorative 15 years SOLIDitech picnic blanket.

Since everyone has been working remotely since March this year, we not only didn’t get to see each other much, but most of the new team members haven’t properly met everyone. The event was a great opportunity for everyone to connect with each other on a real level, not just virtually.

SOLID CPT Team Year End 2020

The SOLIDitech Team Awards

Our Team is our lifeblood and to celebrate those who have gone above-and-beyond for the year, we ask our staff to vote for who they would like to see receive special recognition. The votes were counted and the winners were announced via video conference at our year-end picnic – congratulations to all the winners below.

The Spirit Award: In recognition of the person who championed team morale this year.

  • Winner: Annette Gardner
  • Runner Up: Deshika Sookoo

The ‘Behind The Scenes Wonder’ Award: In recognition of the person who kept the wheels turning in the background.

  • Winner: Lee Goldschmidt
  • Runner Up: Paul Kariuki

The SOLID Innovator Award: In recognition of the person who made a significant contribution to SOLIDitech this year.

  • Winner: Rayne Martin
  • Runner Up: Calvin Eddles

The ‘Rookie of the Year’ Award: In recognition of the top achieving newcomer for 2020.

  • Winner: Beth Lazard
  • Runner Up: Kimeshan Naidoo

The Superhero Award: In recognition of the person who went above and beyond the call of duty this year.

  • Winner: Fabien Zablocki
  • Runner Up: Faraaz Sulaiman

The Trainer of the Year Award: From customer demos and presentations, to internal training, this award is given to the person who championed the task of training.

  • Winner: Anthony Stone
  • Runner Up: David Weber

The CEO Award: Awarded to the person who was recognised for exceptional service to SOLIDitech by the Exco team.

  • Winner: Nadine Wong Ho

It’s great to see what our team has managed to achieve this year. Well done and a massive thank you to everyone. We would also like to thank our customers for their support during 2020. Wishing everyone a safe 2020 Festive Season.

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