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Coollink Launches New SOLID Mobile Money Internet Service

Coollink Launches New SOLID Mobile Money Internet Service

Nigerian ISP Coollink wanted to make Internet services more accessible to both home users and SME’s by harnessing the power of mobile money. Coollink worked with the SOLIDitech team to design a new set of innovative Internet products that support real-time payments via the Interswitch Quickteller platform.

As an existing SOLIDitech customer, Coollink were able to make use of their SOLID Business Automation Platform to deploy their new products in record time whereby:

  • Customers can sign up for High Speed Internet Access on Coollink’s network and manage their service through an easy-to-use, real-time online platform.
  • Coollink is able to offer their customers the lower costs of a prepaid service, whilst ensuring they can enjoy the convenience of 24×7 uninterrupted Internet by supporting real-time online top up purchases.

Essentially, once a customer has signed up for the new Coollink service, SOLID tracks their data account usage and allows them to view and manage their Internet consumption online. SOLID will automatically notify the customer when their data account balance is running low or has been depleted. If the customer depletes their data allocation, they are automatically directed to a network authenticated online Quickteller mobile money SOLID webpage where they can instantly top up their account. Since the top up process is network authenticated, there is no need for the customer to remember a password.

Highlights of the Coollink solution include:

  • Instant payment services such as Quickteller Interswitch can be used to top up a customer’s account 24×7 from the convenience of their office or home.
  • Network-based authentication with automatic redirects – thus supporting secure online Internet top up’s without having to remember a password.
  • Reduced credit risks by offering a prepaid Internet service that is managed by an automated platform.
  • Cost-effective implementation: The solution was built on Coollink’s existing Mikrotik routers and SOLID instance, negating the need for any expensive bandwidth management hardware.
  • Near real-time Internet capping and unblocking is made possible through the SOLID Data Manager which enforces volume and speed rules.
  • Flexibility to launch new prepaid Internet products, data capsizes and expiry rules without any additional development.
  • Visibility of key business statistics through the SOLID Data Manager which produces reports and dashboard graphs of key statistics.

Coollink customers can now enjoy High-Speed prepaid Internet services that are easy to manage from the comfort of their home or office.

Coollink Launches New SOLID Mobile Money Internet Service
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