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Kenyan ISP Increases Collections Rate from 60% to 98%

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Manual processes supported by Microsoft Excel and an accounting system meant that Callkey Networks were suffering from a high error rate and a low, 60% on-time collections rate.

Through the SOLID Business Automation Platform they were able to increase on-time collections to a high of 98% along with generating significant time savings, and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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Callkey NeworksCallkey Networks is a customised networks solutions integrator. Their aim is to provide cost effective state of the art communication solutions to their customers to meet specific requirements. To this effect, instead of providing a blanket solution, Callkey Networks will first analyse your challenges, determine your needs, help you navigate the various options and provide products and services that most effectively meet your needs.
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Manual Process Challenges

Initially starting business as a distributor before growing into a solution provider supporting over 1,000 subscribers, Callkey Networks’ billing was manually calculated via Microsoft Excel before being posted to their accounting system.

The results were less than effective. Complex, multi-service billing requirements meant that errors were prolific and the accounts team struggled to achieve, at best, a 60% on-time collections rate.

Manual reconciliation processes meant monthly tax invoices had to be posted into a separate accounting system and on billing day, staff needed to ‘stay overnight’ to complete the bill run. This involved creating individual invoices, certifying each through ESD (Electronic Signature Device) as per Kenyan VAT tax laws, converting each invoice into a PDF and emailing them to customers one-by-one.

With no available accurate ageing reports, bad debt was a regular occurrence which ultimately had to be written-off as an operational overhead – adding to revenue leakage.

Callkey Networks needed an automated operations platform with full financial support.



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Moses Opondo - Finance Manager, Callkey Networks

“The solution does everything we need it to, and more. SOLID is a modern, user-friendly full Business Automation Platform. It’s most suited for businesses with a focus on growth as it expands with your business and continuous development from the SOLIDitech team means new features are regularly available for users.”

Moses Opondo, Finance Manager

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What SOLIDitech Did

SOLIDitech and the SOLID platform have automated Callkey Networks’ full customer life-cycle, from customer management and support to the technical departments and most notably, all financial, billing and collections follow-up processes.

The SOLID platform is designed to automate each company’s unique business rules. With just a small amount of configuration, each SOLID implementation can be tailored to the customer’s individual requirements and operational processes.

Highlights of the Callkey Networks SOLID implementation:

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Automated ESD certification: ESD certification has been fully integrated with the billing process so each new invoice is automatically legally compliant without the need for manual intervention

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Hybrid Service Billing: Multi-link hybrid service billing has been automated to dynamically calculate solution descriptions and pricing from the underlying connectivity options. E.g. Dual-Fibre and VSAT+ Fibre are reflected as a single invoice-line item

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Multi-currency Product Pricing: To cope with a wide product portfolio and a large number of international clients, SOLID was configured with a dual currency product catalogue showing prices in both Kenyan Shillings and U.S. Dollars



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“There was a sigh of relief across the entire firm as we went live with a modern, business-centric automation platform that included a CRM for our Customer Support and Technical Departments. The platform is available to all authorised personnel and all customer data is real-time and accurate.” 

Moses Opondo, Finance Manager

Moses Opondo - Finance Manager, Callkey Networks

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Time Savings, Collections Increases and Customer Retention

The results were immediate:

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Time Savings: 

A fully automated bill run now takes a matter of seconds and is generated at the touch of a button. Invoices are available for review and approval, and come already ESD certified. Most importantly, invoices are now 100% correct and emailed to customers directly from within SOLID.

The web-based and easy-to-use interface means approvals can easily be actioned – no matter where managers are located.

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Callkey Networks’ fully automated collections process now generates a series of customer payment reminders (via email), accompanied with real-time account statements and overdue invoices. If these are not paid, services are automatically suspended.

A real-time ageing report allows analysis of outstanding invoices, and any delayed payment is immediately visible.

This automated collections process and real-time ageing report has increased on-time collections from 60% to a high of 98%, significantly enhancing cash-flows.

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Customer Satisfaction and Retention:

Callkey Networks’ customers value accurate and timely invoices that are tax compliant and delivered electronically. The changes in templates, delivery mechanisms and efficiency have increased customer satisfaction and thus, retention.


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