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SOLIDitech Heritage Day Competition

Got Crossword Skills? Our Customers Certainly Do!

As the weather gets warmer and the braai grids and flip-flops come out – We South Africans gear-up for Heritage Day.

Heritage Day is a South African public holiday where we’re encouraged to celebrate our culture and the diversity of our beliefs and traditions [Wikipedia]. Often unofficially referred to as ‘National Braai Day’, we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to have the yummiest Heritage Day around. To this end, we created a South-African themed crossword challenge where each successful entrant stood a chance of winning a R2,500 Woolworths Voucher. After a week of waiting and over 140 submissions, we’d love to congratulate our lucky winner from MWEB.

The competition is now closed, but you’re welcome to test your crossword skills anyway:

We hope our customers had a fantastic long weekend and a great Heritage Day!

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We are a pretty geeky bunch of guys and gals who believe in working hard for our customers (they always come first). But being fair, having fun and generally making SOLID a cool place to work comes in a seriously close second.

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