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Defrosting Winter: SOLID’s #WinterWarmer 2023

It’s winter in South Africa at the moment. It’s COLD, it’s DARK and the electricity supply is, well, ‘unreliable’ (at best). We LOVE building awesome software for you all but sometimes even the most motivated of teams needs a bit of a mental and physical health ‘pump up’ – A motivational kick, a fresh goal to smash though…

So, for the month of July – we challenged our staff to SOLID’s #WinterWarmer.

What's #WinterWarmer all about?

For 4 weeks in July, our staff could sign up to either walk, run or cycle their way to some weekly goals. 5km for walking, 10km for running and 50km for cycling.

Meeting and smashing your weekly goal meant that you were in the running for a weekly lucky draw with some awesome prizes (Of course right?). Staff could even enter as part of a team with some team motivation and even bigger prizes up for grabs…

We also threw in some weekly bonus challenges to spice things up a bit!

... that's nice, but did it work?

YES! We had well over half the company sign up to take part. Keep in mind that we’re all over the globe now with team members in South Africa, Mozambique, Scotland, The UAE, Serbia, Australia, and Portugal (Japan will be added to that list soon), and international participation has been high!

Everyone is feeling revived and ready to tackle the rest of winter with the enthusiasm, dedication and amazing software development skills that we’re known for!


Who were the winners???

Competitive spirit is HIGH at SOLID 😉 and whilst everyone who took part is obviously a winner – there can be only a few who were lucky enough to walk away with a prize!

We had our weekly lucky draw winners: Chris Hamman, Daniel Neu, James Kriel and Mahmoodah Jaffar

Our Bonus Challenge Winners: Stealth Steps – Josh Lazarus, Photo Scavenger Hunt – Carlo van Rensburg, Predict the Distance – Joshua Boltman, and Natures Gym – Trevor Nel

And of course, Our winning Team: Paul Kariuki, Yaseen Foflonker & Sihle Nxasane

Check us out on Social Media for all the winner announcements, photos, awards, prizes and more! Take a look and let us know what you think!

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