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Everybody goes Kung Fu Fighting

We love our people, and we want to make sure that they have the best possible opportunities to succeed in not only their careers, but in life in general. For this, we invest in their wellness; financial, physical and mental.

‘Preparedness’ falls squarely within ‘Wellness’, and whilst we’d all love to believe we live in a completely safe world, the honest truth is that we just don’t. In addition to developing our Teams careers, we want to invest in their safety too. This is why we hosted the SOLIDitech Self-Defense workshop, delivered by C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Academy, on Saturday 9 November 2019.

The 4-hour workshop kicked-off with introductions and dived straight into some theory. The information covered basic awareness, the major do’s and don’ts and a demonstration of how quickly someone can get to you (even when you think your phone is just a handbag away).


Once the theory portion of the morning was finished, we moved into practical application… AKA pain. We covered basic strikes and defenses against strikes and escapes from common grabs and holds. Also included was defense against blunt objects, knives and guns, as well as how to prevent being kidnapped and hijacked.

Some of us had some new bruises to show-off, but all of us walked away with a greater understanding of how to avoid a dangerous situation, and in the worst case, how to ‘fight our way out’.


The main message was delivered loud and clear:

Avoid the situation if possible.
Talk yourself out.
And as a last resort, fight yourself out.

It was an eye-opening experience and everyone who attended left feeling both more aware, and more prepared.

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