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SOLIDitech Q2 Events

From Fancy Feet to High Flyers and Speedy Staff, Q2 Team Building Was a Hit

For our second quarter Team Building Event, we gave each team the opportunity to choose what they wanted to do for their Q2 Team Building event. We created a ‘menu’ of fun and exciting activities that each team could pick from. Included on the menu was:

  • Sorbet Mani/Pedi Treatment
  • Acrobranch
  • Virtual Reality Arcade
  • Going to a Prestige Movie
  • Clay Cafe
  • Go-Karting
  • Mini Golf


On Friday 15 June, our Scrum Managers spent the afternoon with their feet up, quite literally, at Sorbet Canal Walk, while the Admin and Marketing departments were pampered by Sorbet Cavendish on Thursday 28 June 2018. Both teams had a wonderful and restful afternoon.

SOLIDitech 2018 June Events
SOLIDitech 2018 June Events

Virtual Realist Arcade

2 Of our teams spent their afternoon at the Virtual Reality Arcade at the Waterfront on Friday 29 June 2018. After the initial hunt for the venue, the teams had a good afternoon enjoying the Virtual Reality headsets. I believe many Zombies were harmed during this adventure…

Clay Cafe

One of our Dev teams went to the Clay Cafe in Hout Bay and got to show off their painting skills on 15 June 2018. Wonderful food was shared while everyone chatted and painted the afternoon away.

“Clay Café has always been a test bed of unleashed creativity. On that day, our Team happily indulged in some right-brained action. We had wonderful food and drinks to top it all off. Little did we know that a few hours later, most of the Clay Café premises went down in flames! Thousand of clay items were destroyed in the aftermath of the disaster. Such sad news! But luckily for us, with understandable and apologetic delay, our masterpieces were perfectly conserved and collected for our greatest pleasure. We wish Clay Café a prompt rebirth and looking forward to seeking new artistic highs with them.” – Fabien Zablocki (Team Lead).


Another of our Teams travelled around the corner from our Kenilworth Offices for Go-Karting and Pool on 22 June 2018. The team raced a few qualifying races before the first of each qualifying round raced for the ultimate Go-Kart Winner! Despite some ‘faulty go-karts’ and a few crashes, the teams had a great afternoon.

“The Team decided to test their driving skills at the Kenilworth Go-Karting track with two qualifying races and one final race. Engine burns, tire burns and the occasional bumper-car scenarios put aside, it was a fun and successful team building event with Pierre taking the winning cup by a margin of a second!” – Eduard Van Wyk (Software Engineer).

SOLIDitech 2018 June Events


Our Quality Assurance Analysts and one of our Dev teams joined forces to spend their afternoon at Acrobranch in Constantia. The weather cleared up just in time for the team to ‘suit up’ into their climbing gear and everyone spent a fantastic afternoon swinging from the trees.

“Acrobranch turned out to be one of the best team building events ever. From one sky-high obstacle to the next, communication was key as we all had to work out how to get across without dying. We had to motivate each other, celebrate each other overcoming our deepest darkest fears, and sometimes wait patiently while the person in front of us has a panic attack.

One thing’s for sure though, we came away feeling braver, better about ourselves, and stronger as a team.

Highly recommended if you don’t have a serious fear of heights (or falling) and you’ve got SOLID upper body strength.” – Anthony Stone (Quality Assurance Analyst).

SOLIDitech 2018 June Events

Gold Reef City – Our JHB Team

Our Johannesburg team got their adrenaline pumping for their second quarterly event at Gold Reef City Theme Park on 20 July 2018.

There were a few who played it safe – either safely on the ground or on the less churn-your-stomach rides. The adrenaline junkies amongst the team, however, decided to fly, swing and flip on various rides such as the infamous Tower of Terror, Golden Loop and Anaconda! The “Miner’s Revenge” ride was particularly intimidating…

Find out more about what our JHB Team got up to over here ->

Our teams had a great afternoon at their respective events – they came back knowing more about their team, with plenty of laughs and fun memories.

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