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Staying Active @ SOLID

Keeping Active at SOLIDitech

Our staff are the lifeblood of our business. And although our clients always come first, having fun and making SOLID a cool place to work comes in a seriously close second. Many of our teams are stuck behind a desk or in meeting rooms all day, and we want to encourage and help them stay healthy and active as much as we can. To this end, we’ve offered a few supporting hands to the sports that are most popular amongst our staff:


Developers of a feather, cycle together? A number of our staff, and a few clients, have banded together to train for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. SOLIDitech is proud to support our fellow cyclists and wish them all the best of the big race. Make sure to wave, should you see them training on Chapman’s Peak over the next few weeks.


Morgen-Emma Rowell, a qualified Pilates instructor and owner of MYO Therapy, visits the Cape Town SOLIDitech offices in Kenilworth twice a week to give Pilates Classes. We have beginners to Almost-Yoga-Gurus attending, and it has been a great success.

“It’s an absolute blast! Pilates gives us a chance to get out of our office chairs and spend some time together. The classes are fun and challenging – we have learnt so much already! The instructor, Morgen, is an absolutely gem (and already a part of the SOLIDitech family).” – Kirstin Sprenger de Rover, SOLIDitech Marketing Assistant


There are a number of staff that run on a weekly basis and regularly take part in races on the weekends, including: The Peninsula Marathon, 2 Oceans Marathon, Gun Run, Cape Town Marathon and Park Runs. We wish them good luck for their races this year! We’re certain they will take names and kick ass in their snazzy SOLIDitech training shirts.

Some are Hares, others are Tortoises: Not everyone is built to run long (or short) distances. But that does not stop us! Instead of running tekkies, a few people take flip-flopped walks around the office park during their lunch break or take a short walk to lunch on our weekly Nando’s excursions.

Fives-a-Side Soccer

With no fitness or skills required, our staff have embraced the spirit of the game and have joined in on the fun, having mini fives-a-side soccer tournament a few times a month.

“As Manchester United supporters (and, unfortunately, other teams) it can sometimes get quite emotional in the office kitchen or boardrooms; many conversations have been sparked by the concerns of the bad soccer decisions made by our teams’ players. This inevitably led us to think about doing a better job ourselves, so we decided some five-a-side soccer would be fun to try. That’s how we started! Combining some social fun with a good amount of short sprints is a great way to keep the heart healthy. Besides, a few tackles it is nothing but fun!” – John Odetokun, SOLID Software Engineer and organiser of SOLID Fives Futbol.


We’re more than a few job titles – we’re Nando’s lovers, sports fans, anime geeks, book lovers, musicians, artists, parents, chefs, bakers and Netflix surfers. We’re from all over the place, believe in all sorts of things and enjoy working together. So it makes sense that we love being healthy and active together too.

Staying Active @ SOLID
Staying Active @ SOLID
SOLID Fives Futbol
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