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Mock Interview Program Delivers Real Results

SOLIDitech is once again proud to be able to assist with the UCT Career Service’s successful Mock Interview Program. The goal of the event was for students to have the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills with real employers who create the ‘mock’ interview and provide feedback afterwards. The outcome? Many new skills were learnt and many great student/employer relationships were formed.

The program took place last week, from Monday, 28 September to Friday, 2 October. 

2 of SOLIDitech’s Senior Service Delivery Managers, Faraaz and Fabien volunteered a few hours of their time on Friday 2 October 2020 to take part in the event. Both are part of our senior team that interviews all of our potential SOLID employees and have well over 10 years of interview experience between them.

Each student had a 25 minute slot with our interviewers, where they were asked the typical questions one usually gets asked in an interview.

The difference between a real interview and the mock sessions was the feedback provided afterwards where our interviewers gave each participant feedback on their answers, their CV’s and how they could improve overall.

We received some really positive feedback from the interviewing team who were impressed with the students’ presentation skills.

Some of the feedback we got from students:

  • “Have more of these per year”
  • “Solid, constructive feedback on my CV and interviewing performance and ways to improve for future interviews”
  • “I learnt a lot, especially about how to conduct myself.”

Overall, 151 students had the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills through virtual interviews. It was really great to be part of another awesome UCT initiative and a big thanks to Fabien and Faraaz for being part of it. 

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