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MWEB Launches LTE-Advanced on SOLID in Just 10 Days

MWEB Launches LTE-Advanced on SOLID in Just 10 Days

When Internet Solutions launched the new Rain LTE platform to the South African ISP market, the race was on for ISPs to be able to offer this exciting new service to their customers “yesterday” (as they say).

SOLIDitech customer, MWEB, was one of the first ISPs to begin selling the LTE-A service. In just 10 days, MWEB was able to develop their new product offering and launch LTE-Advanced services to their customers via their self-admin online sales portal, driven by the SOLID Business Automation Platform.

The LTE-A service enables customers with limited fixed line Internet access to finally experience true broadband Internet.

How did SOLID enable a 10-day-to-market timeline?

As an existing SOLIDitech customer, MWEB’s business operations are already unified and automated end-to-end on the SOLID platform.

This provided a number of advantages:

  • Existing framework. The SOLID team was already working within a framework that they understood well
  • It’s what SOLID does. The nature of SOLID means that all the tools already exist within the platform to ease implementation and enable a quick time to market for new products and services – it’s what SOLID does.
  • Experience. SOLIDitech has lots of experience in the ISP product space and is able to understand what all the moving parts are and how to best manage them for the most effective outcome – i.e. getting new products launched quickly

Using the existing SOLID framework, MWEB and SOLID developers were able to identify and focus on the essentials for the product launch, adding non-essential functionality in a phased approach.

Initially, the key focus was on fulfilment and provisioning for the new LTE-A service – making it possible for MWEB teams to sell the service. Phase 2 was to add a customer interface into the existing SOLID structured ‘My Account’ so customers could purchase top-ups. And lastly, SOLID added a usage tracking feature which allows MWEB customers to view their usage history.

All-in-all, SOLID identified, managed and executed the LTE-A launch for MWEB in just 10 days.

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