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Winter is here, and nothing is as good as a Winter-Warmer Hamper worth R1 000! It has been a very busy year for SOLIDitech and our customers so far, and to get everyone having a little fun in this cold, we asked them to use their detective skills to win a Winter-Warmer Hamper. Between Friday, 24 May and Friday, 31 May 2019, we hid a number of Snowflakes within our website, gave our customers some clues and sent them on the hunt.

The Rules of the Competition

Find all the Snowflakes hidden on our website and submit the answer to us :) Those with the correct count (or closest to it) were added into a Lucky Draw. To make sure they didn’t get lost, we provided some clues to those who entered the competition:

  1. Find the Projects we like to brag about
  2. What can our platform offer your company?
  3. Who designs and developers high-quality Java Applications?
  4. Find out what we have gotten up to lately?

And the Winner Is…

Chareen Giani from Vox Telecom! Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your Winter-Warmer Hamper :)


A Little Bit More About Our Winner

I work for VOX Telecom as a Revenue Clerk and have been mastering the art of ‘SOLID’ for six years now. I use the more ‘Financial’ side of the platform on a regular basis in order to get my job done and dusted – it’s is super user-friendly. SOLID makes our monthly customer billing and reporting quick and efficient.


In total, there were 54 Snowflakes floating around on our website. It was great to see so many of our customers having fun and getting to know our website a little better. We hope everyone stays safe and warm this Winter.

Stay in the Know

We are a pretty geeky bunch of guys and gals who believe in working hard for our customers (they always come first). But being fair, having fun and generally making SOLID a cool place to work comes in a seriously close second.

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