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Our SOLID JHB Team ‘Escapes’

On Friday, 25 October 2019 our SOLID JHB team put their observation and problem-solving skills to the test by going on a team building adventure to ‘Escape Room’. The premise of the activity is to escape a locked room by solving clues hidden around the room.

The team were rounded up and locked in a magician’s workshop-themed room, where they had 1-hour to find the clues and escape.

The room was a sight to behold, with rather creepy elements like red-eyed dancing dolls!

The game was divided into three stages:
Stage 1: The team managed to get through fairly quickly, solving all the clues
Stage 2: Proved to be slightly more challenging and,
Stage 3: A piece of cake!

The team managed to escape in an INCREDIBLE 45 minutes, not to mention, impressing the game master (our staff are rather smart, even if we say so ourselves ;) ).

All in all, it was a fun, slightly creepy experience and everyone had a great time working together outside of the office.

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