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Link Africa

Link Africa builds and operates Fibre Optic Networks using an innovative patented infrastructure deployment method on various modes of infrastructure. An increasing number of developing countries have stepped up fibre-optic networks deployment to build better ICT infrastructure and stimulate economic development.


Link Africa is one of South Africa’s fastest-growing providers of cost-effective, high-speed, open-access telecommunications infrastructure.

As a leader in the industry, they have been building and operating Fibre Optic Networks since 2013; deploying fibre infrastructure that allows you to choose your preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP). Their innovative and patented, open-access infrastructure utilises light to transfer data through means of glass cabling; making it the fastest and most reliable form of internet connectivity currently available. This cabling, unlike copper cabling, is resistant to water and is of no use to thieves; resulting in a more stable and reliable experience.

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