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MWEB unifies core business systems to accelerate time-to-market


Reducing complexities through a stable and consistent platform

After years of running multiple separate systems for core business functions, MWEB needed a unified solution to reduce complexities and risk, and decrease their time-to-market. SOLIDitech has migrated all disparate data onto a single, SOLID platform to automate Customer Management, Billing, Financial Management, Collections and Sales processes. The results have been “like Christmas”. MWEB now has a simple, stable, consistent system that offers visibility of core business data, flexibility to adapt and a quicker time-to-market.

Every day, over 320,000 customers choose MWEB to connect their lives to the Internet. Since first introducing the Internet to South Africa way back in 1997, today MWEB offers a full range of ADSL, Fibre, 3G, LTE and WiFi solutions for the home and small business.

Headquarters: South Africa
Featured Project: MWEB Launches LTE-Advanced on SOLID in Just 10 Days

The Challenges

MWEB has grown significantly since 1997 both organically and through company purchases. Over time, they adopted multiple separate systems for many core functions such as customer databases, financials and service provisioning.

The result was:

  • Disparate systems: Duplication of work such as payment capture and reconciliation and complexity that wasn’t easy to hide from customers
  • Manual processing: Key staff were spending significant time on simple tasks instead of focusing on complex exceptions
  • Slow time-to-market: Product development was hindered by complex, expensive and custom development

Quick tricks to sidestep all the complexities were implemented, but soon the human overhead and risk became unbearable.

What MWEB wanted was a single system that would unify core functions.

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When Internet Solutions launched the new Rain LTE platform to the South African ISP market, the race was on for ISPs to be able to offer this exciting new service to their customers “yesterday” (as they say).

MWEB Launches LTE-Advanced on SOLID in Just 10 Days

“SOLID automatically reconciles deferred revenue, payments that are auto-allocated, and the banks accounts reconciliations.  Also the Refund process in SOLID made a huge difference in our world”

Carina Burger, MWEB Billing Manager
How SOLIDitech Helped

MWEB had been using the SOLID Platform for a number of years, but only for customer information management. Following a number of data migration projects to relocate all customer data onto a single framework, SOLID has been further “unpacked” to automate financial and sales processes.

SOLID now automates MWEB’s Customer Management, Billing, Financial Management, Collections and Sales processes along with their Customer Portal, MyAccount.

MWEB My Account ScreenShot

“SOLIDitech are veterans of the African ISP industry, they have an extremely intimate understanding of the ISP business and challenges with a genuine passion of improving business processes.”

Adrian Punt, SOLIDitech Customer
The Results

Using a fuller range of features offered by the SOLID platform has given MWEB:

  • Simplicity and Consistency: A unified system means significantly reduced complexities and a consistent customer experience
  • Visibility: Immediate access for all staff to essential business data for analysis, presentation or decision making purposes
  • Flexibility and Quicker Time-to-Market: Product Managers with relatively little technical skills are able to make simple configuration changes as needed. This means they’re able to deliver a wide-range of promotions and basic product development quicker and at a reduced cost
  • Time savings: Payment auto-allocation and refund requests are now automated rather than being manual processes, this saves precious man-hours and reduces customer queries
  • Stability: Having a single, well supported system offers a level of stability and quality that was unachievable before
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