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Junior Quality Assurance Analyst

Job Description

  • Perform comprehensive software and user interface testing on SOLID software
  • Translate functional and business requirement specifications into testable quality assurance documents, test plans and test cases
  • Test SOLID software for scalability, robustness and maintainability
  • Identify interactivity and usability flaws within the SOLID user interfaces
  • Identify functional defects and business rule deviations within SOLID
  • Work together with our experienced software development team using software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools and methodologies, including bug tracking and quality assurance management software
  • Assist with software build, merge and release control processes
  • Document and produce software user guides

Desired Skills and Expertise

  • As a Quality Assurance Analyst, we expect you to have either a relevant degree or a minimum of three years’ experience
  • We find that quite often an open frame of mind or a logical thinker usually does well to fit into the team.

You As A Person:

  • You should possess a strong work ethic
  • You should be a clear thinker, with excellent oral and written communication skills
  • You should demonstrate technology savvy and versatility
  • As part of a team you need to be a good team player but with independent contributor capabilities is expected
  • We expect that you constructively challenge current methodologies
  • We find that being outgoing, friendly and professional in our service-based industry helps to create an amicable environment both in the office and in front of customers

* Candidates must have a valid South African driver’s license


Working at SOLID isn’t easy. It isn’t a ‘free ride’. It is detail-oriented. It’s a work-directly-with-the-customer-on-something-that’s-never-been-done-before type job

Working at SOLID is also about a lot more than just being able to QA. We value things like creativity, good communication, attention to detail, confidence, critical problem-solving. Being a quick learner and a good team player are also important.

It is important to us that we help you to grow as a working professional and Quality Assurance Analyst – to be the best that you can be. So we strive to achieve that on a daily basis.

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