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Yutiliti Streamlines Connection Times And Improves Collections With SOLID

As a successful South African ISP with steady growth, Yutiliti faced challenges regarding the levels of support received from the selection of API-connected, standalone platforms they had been using. Leveraging the central database and role-specific tools offered by SOLIDitech’s end-to-end platform SOLID, Yutiliti were able to decrease and optimise the time it took to connect customers to their services, whilst at the same time, improving their collection rates.


When finger-pointing results in unresolved issues

Before adopting the SOLID platform, Yutiliti made use of a collection of task-specific tools, connected together with API’s. According to Hannes Pieterse, Yutiliti’s CEO, this approach had limited success: “When everything worked well it was OK but when it gave problems, the result was finger-pointing and no real resolution.” This is understandably very frustrating – but more than that – unresolved problems quickly pile up and begin to affect operational effectiveness, and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

Specifically, Yutiliti was frustrated by:

  • Stand alone platforms with limited support
  • Messy data with data in different places, in different statuses. This meant that it was difficult to reconcile metrics in real-time
  • Time to deploy. Hannes says that “it took a lot of manual work between service providers and us to make clients live”. This can be very time consuming and error-prone

SOLID’s role-specific tools and central database are operational game-changers

It was “the intelligence behind a user-friendly process for both end-users and field workers” that was the big SOLID a-ha moment for Yultiliti, says Hannes. He also cites the following features as the key drivers for ‘going SOLID’:

  • A unique master identifier across all workflows that assists with managing the tension other needed identifiers can create
  • Automation that decreases the need for human intervention
  • Affordability. The monthly cost for SOLID is lower than similar international platforms

So – how has SOLID helped with the challenges that Yutiliti was facing?

  • Stand alone platforms: SOLID is integrating all of Yutiliti’s business automation requirements
  • Messy data: SOLID runs off of a central database – creating visibility of all key operational metrics
  • Time to deploy: SOLID’s automated workflows streamlines processes, reducing the need for human intervention and improving productivity

Yutiliti can now create a sale against an actual UID, and not just a general address. They can also create and manage automated end-user communications in addition to improving the functionality of their client self-service portal. All through SOLID, a single, end-to-end platform.

Hannes is very happy with the investment that Yutiliti has made, investing in a “bespoke business automation platform that is specific to the telco industry where the engagement processes with SOLIDitech are well defined and structured”.

We’re thrilled to have Hannes and the Yutiliti Team on board!

About Yutility

Yutiliti was created to wipe out the typically long and frustrating wait between signing up and zooming in with a new fibre installation. It’s simply the quickest way for home users to experience lightning-fast fibre.

Yutiliti delivers superfast installation and lightning-fast internet service, so it offers a comprehensive digital utility to every household where Lightstruck has rolled out fibre. They swiftly enable you to get connected with fibre. And then they deliver world-class superfast internet to your home.

For more info, visit their website:

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