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Roke Telkom Launches SOLID PrePaid Internet Service

Roke Telkom Launches SOLID PrePaid Internet Service

An existing SOLIDitech customer, Roke Telkom wanted to upgrade their stand-alone prepaid Internet Access solution to both support new product offerings and add support for additional Mobile Money payment channels.

Roke Telkom was using the SOLID Business Automation platform to power their High-Speed Corporate Fibre Internet services and they were looking to reduce infrastructure and support costs by delivering their new prepaid Internet service offerings through the same SOLID system.

SOLIDitech worked with Roke Telkom and Core2Africa to develop and test a new Sandvine based solution and ensure the seamless migration of their customers from the legacy platform to SOLID.

Roke’s new prepaid service allows customers to manage their prepaid service online, and notifies the customer automatically when their data has been depleted. Customers can then login to an easy-to-use online interface that enables them to purchase additional data top-up’s via direct deposit, or in real-time by using one of the various Mobile Money payment channels that the SOLID solution supports (Payway, YoMoney, Newpay, Interswitch, Trade Lance, Selcom).

The entire process is controlled and automated from beginning to end through the SOLID Business Automation Platform. From RADIUS and Sandvine network provisioning, to cap notifications and data top-up mobile money purchases – everything is driven by SOLID.

Benefits for Roke and their customers include:

  • Reduced revenue leakage: Accurate controls over usage and credit management
  • Improved credit controls managed by an automated platform
  • End-to-end solution management through a single, automated solution
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customers have a seamless experience that allows them to accurately control their own accounts
  • Instant payments are supported within the platform – (Payway, YoMoney (supporting MTN and Airtel Mobile customers), Newpay, Interswitch, Trade Lance, Selcom)
  • Accurate reporting is made possible through a centralised SOLID database
Roke Telkom Launches SOLID PrePaid Internet Service
Image 1: Example of customer self-service portal with low account balance

The extensibility of the SOLID platform has allowed Roke to manage both their High-Speed Corporate Internet customers and their SME/home user prepaid products from a single system. Roke is able to mix and match service offerings and provide a single account statement. Additionally, having a single system has resulted in improved internal efficiencies across the Sales, Operations and Support Teams.

Roke Telkom’s new SOLID pre-paid Internet services solution means that Roke’s Internal teams have one less system to support and maintain and Roke’s customers can benefit from a seamless service delivery experience.

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