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Shaking that Ash at SOLIDitech Braai Master 2020

The planning meetings. The shopping. The ‘don’t forget anything in the fridge’ messages. And all of a sudden, we were in Tokai Forest taking part in the SOLIDitech 2020 Braai Master Competition. As this is one of our most competitive and highly anticipated events – the smack talk was spicy ;-)

Fires were lit and frantic chopping commenced – until the baboon’s decided to join in the fun. The casualties were very limited though and all they seemed to get for their troubles was a block of cheese before being chased off by our Head Judge and lots of shouting and clapping from all the teams that were closest.

Our ‘cat-in-the-hat’ judges (Manuel, Sibo and Braam) got themselves suited and booted and started walking around to examine what each team was up to, forever scribbling away on their clipboards.

A few hours later most of the teams were ready to present. Presentation varied in creativity from fancy slate plates, to colourful malva-pudding mugs, to stone counter tops, to spicy mexican design.

The teams absolutely rocked it. They all looked pretty pleased with themselves, no one got food poisoning and everyone survived! All the food looked freaking amazing too :) One team even had enough left overs the next day to serve up breakfast and lunch for one of the offices.

There can be only 1 winning team however, and this year the ‘SOLIDitech Braai Master’ bragging rights go to: Team Curry and Charades!

Left to right they are: Kevin, Keegan, Fabien, Gary, Steyn, Vincent & Lee

2nd Place went to: Team Kicking Ash

Left to right they are: Raees, Shabirah, Yaseen ,Laylaa, Tabassum & Aashikah

And 3rd place went to: Team Braai, Sweat and Beers

Left to right they are: Josh, Shaun, Brian, Annette & Chris

Thank you to everyone who took part, and of course, to our Judges who judged us so well :)

We’re looking forward to the next one, and remember, there’s no such thing as too much cheese.

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