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software is a team sport

Software Engineering is a Team Sport | UCT Epic Career Expo 2021

The UCT Epic Career Expo is an annual event that allows us to connect with the students who will be the future of our industry. It’s not only a great way to scope out the wonderfully talented students and graduates, but it provides us with a platform to share insight into what we do, and the software industry in general. This year we were able to provide some really tailored insight into the different career paths available within the software industry.

And here’s how.

Software Engineering is a Team Sport

There is a common misconception that to be in the Software Engineering industry, you need to be a rockstar coder, and Software Engineer.

This is simply not true.

Software Engineering is a team sport. It takes a team of many roles/responsibilities to deliver a successful software project. This includes Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Scrum Managers, Business Analysts and Operational Support Team Members.

To drive this point home we hosted video chats throughout the day where students could come and chat to SOLIDitech staff members in each role.

the team on the day

We also ran a ‘Software Career Personality Quiz’. The aim of the quiz was to provide a career path distribution which highlighted the career path that would be the most likely to play to the students’ strengths and preferences.

software career personality quiz

Thanks to everyone involved in making the day another successful UCT event. We look forward to the next one.

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