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SOLID Academy

SOLID Academy

Details, role-specific training and certifications to boost your team's understanding and ability to leverage the SOLID platform

Build on your SOLID knowledge

Whether it comes from your own practical experience with the platform or our ‘Introduction to SOLID’ course, the SOLID Academy is designed to build on your working knowledge.

Why train with us?

Our lecturers are passionate educators, who are also respected technology authorities and SOLID developers. With a wide range of skill-sets including business analysis, project management and financial skills, each course benefits from the relevant lecturers expertise.

Expert Trainers

All of our lecturers are technology authorities and SOLID developers with business analyst, project management and finance skills.

Variety of Instruction

Courses available cover all job role areas from Strategy and Administration to Support and Engineering functions.

Change Management

Team members will be less resistant to change if they understand how to perform their functions using the new technology.

Become Solid Certified

SOLID Academy’s certification courses take your skills to the next level.

Improve Customer Service

Better knowledge and understanding helps teams to better service customers and use the solution more productively.

Be More Effecient

With a detailed understanding of how SOLID operates, staff will be able to use the solution more efficiently.

Our methods

We use a tried and tested collection of training materials, practical interactive exercises, and regular testing.


Instructor-led sessions with supporting presentations and a real-time walk-through on SOLID of all relevant features and applications.

Learning Materials

We provide attendees with copies of all presentation and exercise materials, ensuring they are best supported to gain their certification.

Interactive Exercises

We believe the best understanding comes from ‘doing’, so every session includes a set of practical exercises for attendees to work through with the support of the lecturer.

Online Testing

To further aid learning, each day of training ends with an online multiple choice test and the course culminates in a final exam on which certification is based.

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