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Get Online SOLID Videos, How-To Guides and Tutorials with Our Dedicated Self-Help and Knowledge Base Resource

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SOLID Help is here to, well… help. To do this we’ve created an amazing database of articles and animated videos with topics ranging from understanding financial documents to detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to build a product.

All with the goal of making sure you, our customers, have no obstacles to achieving your goals.

Our goal is to ‘Automate the Admin’ and make our customers’ lives easier by removing repetitive time-consuming and error-prone tasks by automating them with our business automation platform – SOLID.

Knowing how to use the platform and having an easy-to-use knowledge base that’s full of great content and loads of detailed how-to guides, is part of that.

SOLID Help supports you and your business

Improving effectiveness

Increasing employee effectiveness through enabling the self-help process

Training and Onboarding

Improving the onboarding process by providing detailed documents useful for training

Saving Time

Saving time and improving productivity as information is easy to find and at your fingertips

Super Satisfaction

Your employees have everything they need and the opportunity to give feedback and ask for more

How to access SOLID Help

Open your favourite Internet browser and navigate to

You’ll need to create a SOLID Help account to access any of the Knowledge base articles – you can do this at

Register for a SOLID Help account
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