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Who's that Girl

SOLID Honours Great Woman

In honour of Woman’s Month we issued a quiz challenge to our staff. They needed to test their knowledge of famous and influential women in history, both fictional and real, with our ‘Who’s That Girl’ quiz.

The software development industry is typically male-dominated, but over the last few years we have seen, supported and employed more and more female Software Engineers.

Our quiz included illustrations of famous women like Joan of Arc, Marie Curie and even Beyonce. With some tricky questions, you really had to know your Cleopatra from your Nefertiti.

We tracked the leading team members daily, with some rather close calls – we even had a few staff members getting 95% of the answers correct (so close!). Besides the allure of being crowned the winner of the quiz, we also offered prizes for the top scores.

In the end, we had a number of staff members getting over 80% for the quiz!  (We have some very smart people at SOLIDitech…)

Well done to our three winners:

  • 1st Place: Laylaa
  • 2nd Place: Aashkah
  • 3rd Place: Faraaz

All in all, it was great fun with everyone enjoying a bit of a challenge. It was a great way to encourage a bit of competition and bring about a sense of team spirit, especially during a period of working remotely.

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