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SOLID JHB Goes to Gold Reef City

SOLID JHB Get Their Adrenaline Pumping at Gold Reef City

They felt the wind in their hair
and the sun on their face
They went REAAALLLYYYY fast
…at breakneck pace!

Our Johannesburg team got their adrenaline pumping for their second quarterly event at Gold Reef City Theme Park on 20 July 2018.

There were a few who played it safe – either safely on the ground or on the less churn-your-stomach rides. The adrenaline junkies amongst the team, however, decided to fly, swing and flip on various rides such as the infamous Tower of Terror, Golden Loop and Anaconda! The “Miner’s Revenge” ride was particularly intimidating:

SOLID JHB Goes to Gold Reef City

“I have never really feared miners. I always thought they were normal hardworking people who just went about their business. That’s why I was completely fine when we approached the “Miner’s Revenge” ride. As soon as the ride started however, I completely and utterly regretted my decision and doubted every single life choice that lead me to this moment.

As I was flung through the air and every ounce of courage and bravery in my body was turned to dust, the only comfort I had was the tears of laughter in my colleagues’ eyes… I survived the ordeal but the Miner really did get his revenge.

The rest of the day was awesome! We enjoyed all the rides and theme park food and had a total blast.” – Merissa Joubert (Software Engineer)

SOLID JHB Goes to Gold Reef City
SOLID JHB Goes to Gold Reef City

As the favourite word of the day was, “Fun”, we can safely say that the team had a great day at Gold Reef. Make sure to check out what our Cape Town Teams got up to for their second Quarterly Event.

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