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SOLID shares insights with future Tech Leaders at CodeSpace

SOLID shares insights with future Tech Leaders at CodeSpace

On Monday, 20 May 2024, our dedicated team members embarked on an exciting mission to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. This initiative led us to Woodstock, where we had the privilege of engaging with the talented students at CodeSpace.

CodeSpace is a renowned global coding institution that addresses the tech industry’s skills shortage by offering industry-focused training. Their mission is to provide young South Africans with world-class coding education, regardless of their financial background.

The Day’s Highlights

Our visit was met with a warm and enthusiastic reception from both students and staff. We set up our presentation, displayed our banners, and enjoyed some coffee to energise ourselves before diving into the day’s activities.

  • First up was Annette Gardner who spoke about “Software is a Teamsport”. She warmed the room with engaging questions, and an easy conversational presentation. She drew parallels between the teamwork required in familiar sports like football and basketball, and surprisingly, in “individual” sports like F1 and Tennis. Highlighting the vital role each person plays in a team’s success, she emphasised that collaboration is a highly sought after skill in the workplace.
  • Secondly, Merissa Badenhorst took to the floor where she spoke about the “Human Side of Engineering” and shared insightful knowledge on Soft Skills in the workplace. Topics like Conflict; Burnout, Communication and Time Management were discussed and received wonderfully by the students.
  • After a short break, James Lindsay presented “The Importance of QA”. The students loved the more technical talk and practical advice on how a team works, what to expect in the workplace and why testing is so important. He spoke about the Development Lifecycle, when testing is important and even added valuable tips to prepare for interviews.
SOLID shares insights with future Tech Leaders at CodeSpace
Annette Gardner presenting "Software is a Team sport"
SOLID shares insights with future Tech Leaders at CodeSpace
Merissa Badenhorst presenting "The Human side of Engineering"
SOLID shares insights with future Tech Leaders at CodeSpace
James Lindsay presenting "The Importance of QA"

Special Moments and Swag

Our presentations were interactive and well-received, with students eagerly participating and asking questions. To add a fun element, we distributed our signature lanyards and earphone pouches to everyone, and the students aced the questions asked during presentations, even scored a SOLID backpack!

Our team had a fantastic time sharing thour knowledge and passion for software development with the future tech leaders at CodeSpace. This experience not only enriched the students but also reinforced our commitment to investing in future generations.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Annette, Merissa, and James for their outstanding presentations and to CodeSpace for hosting us. Together, we are making a difference!

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