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SOLID Team Solves Virtual Mystery in Record Time

Over the past 7 months of working remotely, we’ve made every effort to ensure our team is happy, motivated and maintaining their friendly, competitive spirit. In line with this, we recently hosted our Q3 team building event – a HintHunt@home.

If you’ve attended a physical HintHunt, you’ll know that you’re locked in a room with your team for 1 hour and you need to solve the puzzle in order to escape the room. The digital version is slightly different, in that you’re all separate (in our case, at home), but working together in teams via a Zoom call, to solve the mystery of the day.

One thing we love about these virtual events, is that EVERYONE can participate, even our remote workers spread across the globe.

Each team had their own facilitator guiding them through their mystery. The event was timed and each session had their winners, with one overall winning team. In the end, it came down to who solved the mystery the quickest, and it was a close one.

Well done to the winning team (a team member short and still managing to bag the win) – Marilize, Merissa, Annette and Trevor – SOLIDitech’s best detectives!

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