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Driving Range and Dim Sum

SOLIDitech Company Update – Driving Range and Dim Sum

Cape Town – The River Club

On Friday 15th September 2017, SOLIDitech’s Cape Town office made their way to the driving ranges of The River Club in Observatory for the biannual company update. The team arrived from 14:00, where tea, coffee and snacks awaited.

After an insightful presentation, given by the team’s CEO and COO – Manuel De Jesus and Charles Musto, the plan was to spend the evening watching the sunset on the deck. However, due to the bad turn in the weather, most people huddled indoors where there was warmth and delicious food.

All it took was a few golf clubs and buckets of golf balls to get people outside. Each person chose to either stand on the sidelines cheering or attempt (very well, I might add) to hit a golf ball. And while some had more success hitting the ball further across the green than others, everyone had a great time cheering each other on.

Johannesburg – Kong

The SOLIDitech Joburg office had their presentation at the company office. After which everyone made their way to the beautiful Asian restaurant, Kong, just around the corner.

Wondering what the name of the restaurant meant, our team did a quick Google search. The results ranged in answers from a ‘parkour move’, to the clan name of Confucius, to ‘Glorious’. One thing that wasn’t confusing was the deliciousness of the food.

The team had a fantastic meal all-around and enjoyed having the opportunity to relax in good company.

The presentation for both teams allowed the company to discuss a few exciting developments and events to look forward to in the last few months of the year, which include hosting a stand at the MyBroadband Conference and the Year End event. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to see how SOLID celebrates the end of another successful year!  

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