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SOLIDitech at the UCT Mock Interview Day

SOLIDitech Gives UCT Students Interview Experience at Dedicated Skills Development Day

Interviews are daunting – you sit in a room with a few strangers who scrutinise everything you do and say. In just a few hours these few people decide whether or not you’ll get your dream job. Intimidating right? We know, and we’re helping students best prepare for this crucial moment.

As a graduate employer, SOLIDitech was invited to take part in the UCT Mock Interview day on Wednesday, 25 April 2018. This was a great opportunity for UCT students to ‘interview’ with actual employers and receive valuable feedback and interview experience.

How did it work?

A few weeks before the event, each UCT student was asked to apply for a fake job with their CV and motivation letter. Students were then chosen to attend a mock interview hosted by professionals, preferably in a field that related to the student’s interests and field of study.

On the day

Shortly after 09:00, our team began interviewing in Memorial Hall on UCT’s main campus. Each session consisted of a 30 minute interview, followed by 15 minutes of feedback.

This gave each student an opportunity to:

  • Learn how the general interview process works.
  • Improve his/her communication skills.
  • Get a few tips and tricks from those who have been through the chaos of job-hunting (and made it out alive).
  • Find out more about what it’s like working in his/her chosen field.

“It was a very interesting day, we met some great students who have positioned themselves well to get a head-start with their careers.” ~ Oliver Gardner, SOLIDitech Development Manager

“It was pleasant seeing such bright-eyed individuals wanting to hone their interviewing skills. From the CVs and actual interviews, it was easy to see that a lot of emphasis is placed on side/pet projects, which is great to see in potential candidates. Overall, the UCT Mock Interview Day was both a fun and rewarding day to be able to give back to students wanting to better themselves.” ~ Faraaz Sulaiman, SOLIDitech Team Lead

Our team had a great day supporting the future of our industry and we look forward to watching the careers of the students we met.

If you’re thinking about becoming a kick-ass Software Engineer, visit our Career Advice page to find out more.

SOLIDitech at the 2018 UCT Mock Interview Day

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