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Summer Work Experience Program

SOLIDitech Hosts Summer 2019 Work Experience Program

The SOLID Work Experience Program is designed to give students access to and experience within a real working environment. We host the program twice a year at our Kenilworth offices in Cape Town. We fully incorporate the Interns into our teams – working side-by-side, attending meetings, eating doughnuts and committing real code.

The Interns joined our teams during the 2018-2019 Summer university holidays. We welcomed both old and new faces to this season’s group, though all were impressive in their dedication to their work and the standard of their efforts in their teams’ projects.

[su_quote]“If you are interested in Java and coding in the working world then you couldn’t hope for a better place to go and learn. SOLIDitech provides a relaxed, but hard working environment with tons of wonderful and helpful people to learn from. Even though I only had four weeks at SOLID I gained a lot of practical knowledge of programming and the working environment that I would not have gained otherwise.” – Heinrich Benz, 2019 Intern[/su_quote]

Here are our Summer 2019 Interns, receiving their certificates:

Summer Work Experience Program

Congratulations to all of this season’s Interns, you made us proud; we are excited to see what you get up to in your future careers!

Apply for a Position in SOLIDitech's Work Experience Program

Getting your first job straight out of varsity can be terrifying, not to mention difficult. Apply what you learn with us as the foundation of your career:

  • Real World Experience: The Interns are placed in amongst the Dev Teams and get to work with real Software Engineers, with real customers and commit real code.
  • Get a Foot in the Door: We’re always on the lookout for talent, so take this opportunity to get ahead of other potential candidates when applying at SOLID for a job after you graduate.
  • Have a Sneak Peek into Your Future: We provide the opportunity for you to see what this career is all about. You’re able to experience what working in this industry is like (we think it’s pretty exciting).
  • Build your CV: Use the experience on your CV – it shows that you’re keen and able to apply yourself.

[su_quote]“The SOLIDitech Work Experience Program has been a very beneficial experience for me. I’ve learnt so much at SOLID, and it has been a really good insight into a software developer’s world. I feel a lot more confident going into the software development field because of it. I definitely would recommend The SOLIDitech Work Experience Program to anyone looking to go into the software development field.” – Matthew Almano, 2017 & 2019 Intern[/su_quote]

Find out the logistics, the experiences of past Interns and how to apply on SOLIDitech’s Work Experience Website Page.

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