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Effectively Track Hardware

Track, Transfer and Manage Stock with ease. Less paperwork, Quicker Turnaround and Fewer Mistakes.

Engineer showing SOLID mobile app use cases

Load Stock

  • Engineer scans barcodes of hardware
  • App validates serial number against SOLID/ERP
  • Hardware is allocated to engineer’s trunk

Install Stock

  • Engineer scans hardware being installed
  • Stock is allocated to customer on job completion
  • Links stock to line items

Collect Stock

  • Collecting faulty/cancelled stock
  • Engineer scans hardware

Returning Stock

  • Returning stock to the warehouse
  • Dedicated warehouse/stock manager to scan in received stock via an app
SOLID Mobile App Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

  • Flash initiates in low-light conditions to make sure all details are accurately captured
  • Adjustable scanner height to ensure complex barcode sizes are accounted for
  • Configurable zoom mode supports multiple device types
  • Supports multiple barcode types
  • Prevents typing/capture mistakes
  • Scans barcodes in less than 1 second

Manage Stock Transfers

Stock transfers can be between warehouses, or from a warehouse to a customer account.

Any stock scanned into transit is first transferred to the source warehouse or Engineer’s trunk.

Supporting documents (Signed packing slip, invoice, waybill) are required by the app in order to mark a transfer as dispatched.

How SOLID Mobile App Manages Stock Transfers
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