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Easily Dispatch and Manage On-site Customer Installations and Support Technicians.

Enjoy a powerful, easy-to-use interface for scheduling, reminders, customer communication, GPS and photo uploads.

GPS location on mobile app

Minimise Truck Rolls

  • Schedule jobs centrally with the customer and share those details real-time with your team
  • Save time and money by getting your customers and technicians in the same place at the same time
  • See where your technicians are with integrated Google Map tracking.

Improve Satisfaction

  • Improved security with SMS reminders including a photo of the expected technician
  • One-click integrated Google Maps and Directions ensure technicians can easily find the correct address to arrive on time
  • Customers experience efficient processes on-site managed via our real-time mobile app

Increase Quality Controls

  • Jobs cannot be completed without business determined details being captured such as Hardware details, photographs of work completed and a customer’s signature

SOLID Order/Support triggers a workflow via normal channels in the system

Mobile App job queue

Assigned Jobs display in App Job Queue

Jobs are assigned to contractors within SOLID and appear in the relevant contractor’s job queue with all the customers’ and job details.

Mobile app job description

Job Management Completed through App

Contractor initiates a job through the app, recording actions taken and attaching photographic proof of work completed.

The Admin Calendar view allows Services Coordinators to see which jobs are scheduled and the status and details of each

Calendar view with annotations
Digital capture of signature

Capture Customer Signatures

  • Immediate capture
  • Automatically linked to job
  • Customer acceptance assured
  • Less paperwork for Engineer
  • Attached to job report
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