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UCT devsoc hackathon

SOLIDitech Sponsors 24-Hour UCT Student Hackathon

At SOLIDitech we’re always excited and proud to support UCT DevSoc Events. This event was a 24-hour Hackathon that produced some ingenious solutions to some specific COVID-19 business problems. We co-sponsored the event with Aruba Technologies. 

Student teams started hacking on Friday, 13 November 2020 and had 24-hours to produce a useful solution to one of these problems that we highlighted:

  1. COVID-19 Office Entry Health Screening Solution: As per South African Government COVID-19 guidelines, businesses need to screen any worker for any observable COVID- 19 Symptoms at the time that they report for work. The business challenge is to develop an efficient and scalable solution to capture and record this information.
  2. COVID-19 Awareness/Knowledge Sharing: We have many staff in various locations, both inside and outside of South Africa, who we need to disseminate the most up-to-date virus/health/company communications to. The challenge is to develop an easy to manage and maintain system with which to do this, possibly using push notifications or geolocation/geo-fence alerts. The solution should be usable from a mobile phone.
  3. COVID-19 Employee Quarantine and Health Status Tracker:  Businesses often need to track employee sick leave, but with COVID-19 there is the additional need to track an employee’s health status over a quarantine period, so as to know when to allow them back at work, should they have had to quarantine themselves. The challenge is to develop a system that can capture an employee’s health status and advise when an employee should return to work after a configurable quarantine period.

Hackathons are pretty amazing proving grounds for creative problem-solving. The cost of failure is low whilst the chance to be creative, problem-solve, collaborate and build a network is VERY high. Taking part, and even winning is also something pretty special for a participant to be able to add to their CV.

When we hire, we always take special note of any additional projects or events our candidates have been involved in – which is why we’re always keen to support these initiatives. The freedom to create in a hyper-collaborative environment is always something to be encouraged. 

The event kicked off with our COO, Charles Musto presenting, explaining the benefits of taking part in a Hackathon, as well as what the judges would be expecting from the projects. We provided two judges for the event – Charles Musto and one of our Development Managers, Oliver Gardner.

Charles Musto Presentation

There were some really impressive projects that came out of the event and our two judges were very proud to have been involved in such a great initiative.

Congratulation to the winning teams for their amazing work:

1st place: AlphaQ

Kialan Pillay

Insaaf Dhansay

Johns Paul


2nd place: IllegalSkillsException

Justin Dorman

Zachary Bresler


3rd place: Bugz Galore

Humphrey Chiramba

Chris Kateera

Shingirai Denver Maburutse


Thank you to UCT’s DevSoc for offering us the opportunity to be part of another great initiative for their students. We look forward to all the amazing events and initiatives in 2021.

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