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SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019

SOLIDitech Supports UCT #breaktherules

SOLIDitech was honoured to be invited by the University of Cape Town (UCT) Development Society (Devsoc) to present at their #breaktherules event on Saturday 06 April 2019. We may be a bit biased, but we totally kicked ass! #breaktherules is an event hosted by UCT Devsoc, during which they invite select companies to present to and meet with students. The primary aim of the event is to help bridge the gap between respective employers and students and to encourage internships.

SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019
SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019

Once we had set up and were caffeinated, we settled down for the presentations. Each representative took 8 – 14 minutes to share the best aspects of their company and what internships they have available. All companies stressed the value of internship opportunities and all took their time to chat and answer the students’ questions.

The SOLIDitech Presentation

It was awesome! Charles, COO of SOLIDitech, gave an 8 minute, jam-packed presentation about SOLIDitech and our SOLID platform. He spoke about:

  • How SOLIDitech started
  • The customers we work with
  • The benefits of working at SOLIDitech
  • The type of work and projects we do
  • Our Company Culture, which is extremely important to us
  • Our Work Experience Program
SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019
SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019
SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019

The SOLIDitech #breaktherules Competition

To keep things interesting and to “break the rules” at the event, we ran a lucky draw competition, and gave away a Huawei smartphone to a lucky student! This gave us a great platform to connect and get to know the students. And our lucky winner is Kunta-Kinte Ngcobo. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your new phone 🙂

Overall it was a fantastic morning and the team thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the students who attended this event. Thank you to UCT Devsoc for inviting us. We are excited for the next #breaktherules event!

SOLIDitech at the UCT #breaktherules Event - April 2019

Apply for a Position in SOLIDitech’s Work Experience Program

Getting your first job straight out of varsity can be terrifying, not to mention difficult. Apply what you learn with us as the foundation of your career:

  • Real World Experience: Interns are placed in amongst the Dev Teams and get to work with real Software Engineers, with real customers and commit real code.
  • Get a Foot in the Door: We’re always on the lookout for talent, so take this opportunity to get ahead of other potential candidates when applying at SOLID for a job after you graduate.
  • Have a Sneak Peek into Your Future: We provide the opportunity for you to see what this career is all about. You’re able to experience what working in this industry is like (we think it’s pretty exciting).
  • Build your CV: Use the experience on your CV – it shows that you’re keen and able to apply yourself.

“This program is a very rewarding experience. Working at SOLID teaches you many lessons in a wide range of areas but the most important lesson is learning how to problem solve. The company culture just adds to the experience, making this transition from University to the working world far easier. I have had a great time so far and have no doubt I will in the future.” – Tristan Wood, 2018 Intern

Find out the logistics, the experiences of past interns and how to apply on SOLIDitech’s Work Experience Website Page.

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