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SOLIDitech Welcomes New Clients

Welcome to our New Customers

With 5 of our customers listed in MyBroadband’s recent ranking of SA’s best Fibre and ADSL ISPs we’re thrilled that our SOLID platform is driving successful automated operations, and even more thrilled to be welcoming 6 new customers to the SOLID Family.

From the new, up-and-coming to the well-established, the SOLID Business Automation platform helps our customers to streamline their operations and help them meet their business goals; they will be able to focus on what is important: delivering quality services to their clients.

We’d love to extend a warm welcome to:


Telemasters offers full digital SIP-based telecommunication connectivity voice services across South Africa

  • Voice: Quality fixed and mobile communications.
  • Cloud PBX Services: Deliver unified communications, which allow end-users to be more productive and & efficient.
  • Internet Service provider: Telemasters provides modern, reliable and affordable Internet access – such as lightspeed fibre connections.


As a Pan-African telecommunications engineering group, Q-KON provides data and broadband access services to the financial, commercial and governmental sectors throughout Africa. Q-KON connects the “off-grid” locations to their clients’ networks with the use of satellite, wireless and unified communication technologies.


Smart Technology Centre

Smart Technology Centre is a Johannesburg-based company that focuses on providing complete end-to-end business solutions including Cloud, Access and Communication Services, Connectivity, Security, Voice, Data Centre and Technology Support services.

“Our goal is to provide technology solutions tailored for speed, availability, security and data integrity. We enable you to connect, secure and communicate with the world seamlessly, maximising your return on investment.” – Smart Technology Centre

Smart Technology Centre


SYNAQ focuses on building email communication and collaboration services, which is aimed to help grow their clients’ businesses. Their services include: Email Branding, Cloud Mail and Email security.

“It’s not just mailboxes. SYNAQ is a company of tech geeks who love building all kinds of email communication and collaboration services – and using them in clever ways to grow businesses like yours.” – SYNAQ


Fixed Mobile Telecoms

Fixed Mobile Telecoms (or FMT) focuses on telecom solutions for businesses. FMT aims at creating a personalised solution for each of their customers; their technology and solutions are driven by their clients’ needs.

“As your Telecoms Partner, our primary goal is not to sell products or services at all cost, our primary goal is to solve a business problem whilst offering an experience, those A-HA moments that you crave for and thrive on!” -Fixed Mobile Telecoms

Fixed Mobile Telecoms

Waterfall Access Networks

Waterfall Access Networks (or WAN), acts as an operator and provides support and maintenance to an Open Access Network within the Waterfall City Area, which is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This means that ISPs in this area, who have an agreement with WAN, can use WAN’s infrastructure to service their clients; through providing cutting-edge networking technologies, WAN provides equal opportunity to all recognised and registered ISPs.

WAN Waterfall Access Networks

Each of the companies bring something different to the industry and we’re looking forward to working with them and their teams.

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