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South Africa’s Top Fibre Providers Run SOLID

South Africa’s Top Fibre Providers Run SOLID

In a survey completed by 4,071 South African broadband users, MyBroadband has released a comprehensive ranking of the top fibre providers in the country. And guess what? Two of the top three fibre providers run their businesses on the SOLID Business Automation platform.

Congratulations to Frogfoot Fibre and Cybersmart LightSpeed Fibre on achieving positions 2 and 3 respectively.

South Africa’s Top Fibre Providers Run SOLID

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The survey ranks each fibre provider on four factors, namely:

  1. Value for money
  2. Network quality
  3. Billing and,
  4. Support of their service

So while these broadband companies focus on what’s important – delivering incredibly fast (and great) Internet to their customers – SOLIDitech assists our clients behind the scenes.

SOLIDitech’s Business Automation Platform, SOLID, streamlines previously manual tasks into an efficient and effective automated process, which can be customised for fibre network operators. We automate ISP, VSAT and Fibre service providers end-to-end, including lead and customer management, provisioning, service management, billing, collections and customer support.

Frogfoot Chose SOLID to Support a Fibre Network with Thousands of Customer Links

Frogfoot Fibre is a licenced open access fibre network provider who has played a vital role in the development of fibre to the homes and businesses of South Africa for over 15 years.

SOLIDitech helped Frogfoot with the automation of each aspect of their end-to-end process. This includes feasibility checks, workflow driven documentation to the management of 3rd party contractors and, finally, the billing of fibre services. This provides Frogfoot with a solution that not only gives them operational visibility and efficiency, but significantly reduces the number of manual operations.

Cybersmart LightSpeed Chose SOLIDitech to Deliver a Premium Fibre Customer Experience

Cybersmart LightSpeed is one of South Africa’s largest wholesale ISPs, whose national networks covers a number of provinces and international cable systems since 1998.

SOLIDitech has streamlined Cybersmart’s fibre network deployment process; from identifying feasible zones through GPS positioning & overlay mapping to using SOLIDitech’s Mobile Application for managing field service agents. SOLIDitech has also created workflows to support the collection and management of wayleave documentation, installations of dark fibre as well as the provisioning, billing and support of services over said fibre.

Interested in joining Frogfoot and Cybersmart at the top of the charts? Book a demo with SOLIDitech to see how we can assist with your company’s efficiency. Congratulations once again, Frogfoot Fibre and Cybersmart LightSpeed Fibre.

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