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Our SOLID JHB Team ‘Escapes’

On Friday, 25 October 2019 our SOLID JHB team put their observation and problem-solving skills to the test by going on a team building adventure to ‘Escape Room’. The premise of the activity is to escape a locked room by…

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SOLIDitech Q1 JHB Event: Happy Island Waterworld

The JHB Team Splashes Around at Happy Island Waterworld

After hours of stair climbing, water sliding, adrenaline pumping fun we retreated to the relaxing spa pool where jets of water massaged our aching bodies. It is safe to say that the JHB Team enjoyed every second of the day, and have renewed memories of what the sun really looks like.
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SOLID JHB Goes to Gold Reef City

SOLID JHB Get Their Adrenaline Pumping at Gold Reef City

On 20 July 2018, our Joburg team spent their Friday afternoon at Gold Reef City Theme Park. There were a few who played it safe - either safely on the ground or on the less churn-your-stomach rides. The adrenaline junkies amongst the team, however, decided to fly, swing and flip on various rides.
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SOLIDitech Presents Company Update and ‘Chill’ in Style

On 24 March and 2 March 2017, SOLIDitech hosted their Cape Town and Johannesburg Company Update Meetings respectively. The goal is to deliver key reporting and strategic company information and enjoy a great ‘chill’, giving everyone the opportunity to relax, chat and enjoy a fun evening.
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