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Defrosting Winter: SOLID’s #WinterWarmer 2023

It's winter in South Africa at the moment. It's COLD, it's DARK and the electricity supply is, well, 'unreliable' (at best). We LOVE building awesome software for you all but sometimes even the most motivated of teams needs a bit…

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Shaking that Ash at SOLIDitech Braai Master 2020

The planning meetings. The shopping. The ‘don’t forget anything in the fridge’ messages. And all of a sudden, we were in Tokai Forest taking part in the SOLIDitech 2020 Braai Master Competition. As this is one of our most competitive…

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SOLIDitech Celebrates the End of a “Wild” Year

To celebrate the “Wild” year, and to thank our staff and their partners, we enjoyed a Wild West night on Friday 7th December at The Range in Tokai, Cape Town. We got out our best Billy Ray Cyrus impressions and brushed up on our line dancing skills for an epic night of entertainment
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SOLID Fives Futbol Tournaments

SOLIDitech ‘Bends it like Beckham’

Got 5’s Futbol Skills? That’s okay, neither do we ;). But we're going to embrace the spirit anyway - all the in the interests of having a good time. Organised by a fellow staff member, we’re excited to be supporting the SOLID Fives Futbol Tournaments.
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