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#WinterWarmer 2021

The 2021 SOLID Team #WinterWarmer Fitness Challenge

Here at SOLID we all love a little friendly competition, especially when there are prizes at stake. #WinterWarmer is all about getting up, getting out, getting some fresh air, and smashing through the predetermined weekly activity goals. This is the second year we have run this challenge – based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from 2020.

There’s no shortage of research that says physical activity is good for your mental wellbeing and boosting your immune system. And let’s face it – we could all do a mental health (and immune) boost around now.

So – to try and help to alleviate the ants in our pants and encourage some fresh air, we challenged all of our staff to an entire #WinterWarmer month.

Staff could choose to walk, ride or cycle their way through the month of July. Each discipline had a different weekly goal distance to be achieved, in order to be entered into the lucky draw. 

One of the great things that came out of this challenge, despite it being an individual challenge, was the support and comradery that was shown to fellow competitors on Strava. Everyone received Kudos for their activities, regardless of whether it was 10 minutes of walking, or 100km of cycling. In some cases – over 150km of cycling!

We’d really like to send out a massive congratulations to everyone who took part, it was great seeing some people step out of their comfort zones, and others push themselves to top their personal bests. We, of course, had some serious competitors pushing the limits in each category too. 

All of our winners were WELL DESERVED – but more than that, we hope the challenge encourages everyone to get up and out and hope they will continue to prioritise physical wellbeing, especially during these uncertain times. 

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