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#WinterWarmer 2022

The Team Take On The 2022 SOLID #WinterWarmer Challenge

Our Team are a joyful and energetic bunch, so when we suggested we do our #WinterWarmer Challenge for the third year in a row, the response was a resounding “YES PLEASE!” Over the course of June, our team buckled up for some light competition in this year’s challenge.

The aim of this challenge was to encourage our team to take time for their body and mind with some physical exercise and fresh air – Slow, fast or hyperspeed, it doesn’t matter! Just get jiggy (enter excellent dance moves here).

To enter the challenge, we asked our staff to choose one of the following to focus on: Running, cycling or walking, each set with a weekly goal. Over the course of the challenge, each entrant focused on reaching their respective sport’s goal and logged it in on Strava.

The organisers kept a strict watch on each activity and tracked the team’s progress over the weeks.

It was fantastic to see everyone getting out and about. There were weekend excursions, Park Runs, explorations of the city or local parks, adventurous cycling trips and even walks through the office parking lot. We had everyone moving their bodies and soaking up some sunshine (and occasionally getting stuck in the rain).

Through cycling, walking and running our team travelled a total of 4,310.98 Km – WOW! A huge congrats to everyone who took part in this year’s challenge.

We had multiple categories available for staff to win, from lucky draws to furthest distance, there was something for everyone. Above the thrill of winning, we hope that this has encouraged everyone to value the importance of physical exercise, for their body AND mind. We look forward to the next #WinterWarmer Challenge!

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